A good night out with your friends is the perfect way to de-stress after a week (or day) of lectures and essays. Clubbing is the most popular choice, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and even the most die-hard party animals can get bored of it after a while. 

Why not try something new with these alternative student nights out? You’ll be spared the hangover and may even save some money!

1. Have a laugh

Most major university cities have a great comedy scene, so instead of hitting the dance floor, check out your local comedy club. With some of the funniest up and coming talent making the rounds, you are guaranteed a good time.

Most clubs run student nights with cheap entry and drink offers, so a night of quality entertainment will likely cost you less than going out on the town. 

2. Check out the local music scene

If you fancy some live music but can’t afford stadium concert prices, try a smaller venue in town.

Like comedy clubs, music venues often host up and coming bands – where else do you think the likes of Oasis, Radiohead and even The Beatles played before they got signed?

So, don your finest leather jacket and head out for a night of quality live music for less than a fiver. You might just discover your next favourite band. 

3. Capture the flag

Get a group of mates together and head out to nearby parkland for a night time game of Capture the Flag.

The rules are quite simple and you can customise each game with your own variations. If you’re playing in the dark bring torches and glow sticks to use as the flags. 

This game is raucous, strategic and a whole lot of fun. Plus it totally counts as exercise!

4. Pub quiz

Put your studies to good use in a battle of the wits at your local pub quiz. 

It’s cheap, cheerful and a good laugh. The most important thing is a great team name; preferably a cheesy pun like Agatha Quiztie (a personal favourite).

Whether you take the quiz seriously and emerge victorious or just have fun guessing the answers, it’s one of the best nights out for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. 

5. Dinner and drinks

Treat yourself to a sophisticated night out with dinner and drinks. Find a restaurant with great student offers and settle in for the evening.

You can enjoy a meal that didn’t come from the dark depths of your freezer and share a few fruity cocktails with the girls. And as an added bonus you’ll have no washing up to do the next morning! Dinner is such a relaxing way to spend an evening, so it’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of exams. 

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