What is UCAS Track?

UCAS Hub is an online system developed by UCAS that allows you to check the progress of your application once you’ve submitted it.

For example, you can see whether any of your chosen universities/colleges have made you an offer, or if you have replied to any of your offers, etc.

When can I start using UCAS Track?

You can start using UCAS Track as soon as you've registered.

Don’t worry if you see that your university/college choices are displayed in a different order to what you put on your application form – UCAS just puts them in a random order for no reason when they process your application.

Your application will still go out to all your choices at the same time, too.

Checking your application progress

When each university or college you have applied to has reached a decision, it will show up in your Track.

If you supplied an email address on your UCAS application form, UCAS will notify you via email that a decision has been made.

For confidentiality reasons, UCAS does not include the actual decision in the email – you will have to log in to your Track to find out.

UCAS Track also allows you to either accept or decline offers from your chosen universities/colleges, and amend some of your personal details such as your phone number or home address.

I’ve forgotten my log in details – what can I do?

If you have forgotten your UCAS Track username and/or password – don’t panic!

UCAS have a handy login reminder service available on the Track page, which you can access by clicking on the 'Forgot login details?' button.

You just need to put in your email address, the same one you used on your application form, and UCAS will email you the information you require.

If you’re still stuck, you can get in touch with the UCAS Customer Service Unit.

You can find their contact information here, although you will be asked to answer some security questions before they can give you any further details.

Notes about security

In order to keep your account secure, Track will automatically log you out after 5 minutes if there is no activity on the computer screen.

Once you’ve finished using your Track account, make sure you click the 'log out' button and close your browser so no one else can access your information.

If you’re having problems logging into your account, double check that you are entering the correct Personal ID, username and password – remember that they are all case sensitive.

If you unsuccessfully attempt to log in to your Track account 5 times or more, Track will immediately suspend your account.

If this happens, contact the UCAS Customer Service Unit who will then reset your account.

Be careful if your web browser is set to remember passwords, as anyone else using your computer can log in and view your details.

UCAS recommends you do not use this feature while your application is in progress.

Further information

For more tips and advice on applying to university, please see: