University Interview Tips

Been invited to a university interview, but struggling to prepare? Read our tips below to make sure you give your best performance on the day, and check out our University Interviews Guide for further help.

Tips for before the interview

  1. Find out what form the interview will take – if you know how many people will be interviewing you, and whether it will be formal or not, you will know what to expect.
  2. Read the prospectus – have an idea about the course and university to show you're committed to studying there.
  3. Look over your UCAS form – it’s often the basis for interview questions so make sure you can talk about the things you’ve said on it in detail.
  4. Read over your A-Level subject notes – you may be asked why you took a particular A-Level or what parts of your A-Levels you enjoy.
  5. Read a quality newspaper or magazine related to your subject – interviewers may ask for your opinions on current affairs or developments in your field.
  6. Have a mock interview – get a teacher you’re not familiar with to prepare a formal interview to give you an idea of what it will be like.
  7. Speak to students who’ve already had an interview – ask them what to expect or if they have any tips.
  8. Think of points you may want to make in the interview – prepare specific things you want to say or subjects you want to discuss if you get the chance.
  9. Prepare answers for common questions – for example, why do you want to study this course or at this university?
  10. Think of some questions to ask in return – how is the course assessed? What teaching methods are used? Although make sure they’re not already answered in the prospectus.
  11. Plan your journey – take into account rush hour traffic and finding the room/building so you arrive in plenty of time.

Tips for the day of the interview

  1. Get a good night's sleepbe ready for your interview and don’t stay up all night drinking or worrying about it.
  2. Arrive early – allow 20-30 minutes for traffic and finding the place. If you have extra time, take a look round the university or talk to other applicants.
  3. Contact the university if there’s a problem – if you’re going to be late or unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control you should be able to rearrange the interview.
  4. Dress smart but comfortably – formal clothing may be uncomfortable if you’re at the university all day, and dressing scruffily may give a bad first impression.
  5. Turn off your mobile – you don’t want any distractions in the interview and it will not impress the interviewer.

Tips for during the interview

  1. Be aware of your body language – look at the interviewer, make eye contact and try to smile from time to time.
  2. Be enthusiastic about your course – make sure you get your interest in the course across to the interviewer.
  3. Take your time with questions – don’t feel pressured to answer immediately, take a little while to develop your answers to avoid saying the first thing that comes into your head.
  4. Say if you don’t understand a question – interviewers don’t expect you to know everything and will often prompt you or rephrase a question if you ask.
  5. Give full answers – the interviewer is trying to find out about you, so make sure you tell them something. Don’t waffle just to make your answers longer though.
  6. Don’t try to bluff questions – admissions tutors will know a lot more about their subject than you will. If you don’t know the answer to a question be honest and admit it.
  7. Listen to the interviewer – answer the questions asked rather than the ones you’ve prepared for.
  8. Ask questions – use ones you prepared earlier or new ones you’ve thought of. It shows you’re enthusiastic and will help you get more out of the interview.
  9. Try to relax – interviewers will expect you to be nervous and will try to make you feel comfortable.
  10. Be yourself – interviewers want to know about you, not just what tips you’ve read off the internet!

4. Tips for after the interview

  1. Don’t worry if you found it hard – some interviews are designed to stretch candidates.
  2. Make the most of being at the university – talk to students, have a look round the city or sample the local pubs.
  3. Think about what you’ve learned – the interview also allows you to find out more about the university and course. How have your opinions changed?
  4. Write down your answers to questions – this will come in handy for other interviews you may have.
  5. Discuss your interview with other people – they can give you feed back on how they think you did and give you advice for other interviews.
  6. Don’t worry about whether you’ll be offered a place or not – prepare for your next interview or just enjoy yourself, as you can’t do anything to change the result.

Further information

For more tips and advice on preparing for your university interview, please see our University Interview FAQs and our blog post about mistakes to avoid.

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jees thankyou for your fab

jees thankyou for your fab tips..!it's the simple thing's like turning off the mobile fone that i would forget..!..cheers..?


For the guest who left the interview questions on here thank you, i have an interview for my nursing secondment at work and will help loads.

thank you

thank you
best advice on the net!


Hi, i've just got 2 interviews for a BSC (Hons) Adult Nursing Degree and I was just wondering what sort of questions i'm likely to be asked?

My email's

Thanks, Em x

During the interview

Any tips on staying calm? and do you speak 3rd party or not?

fantastic tips...all make

fantastic tips...all make sense n wk... but dyu hav ne idea wot kind of questions they might ask?


very helpful but can you give any advice on likely questions for social work, should I have a general knowledge of current issues and is it acceptable to take a notepad to interview.


TAM my interview is tomoorow at Salford Uni too. at 9 am is yours ?

social work


got an interview for social work on monday, any tips?? has anybody been to an interview on social work in the past few years? if so, what questions were you asked?

im an alevel student, and my interview isnt a group one!!

any help would be much appreciated!!! thanx =]

MA Social Work

I have a group interview in a few weeks, any ideas what it will be like? I have been given topics on group discussions but thats it.

Thanks for you help. Daughter

Thanks for you help. Daughter just had interview in nursing and failed because in the last part of interview she got a little tongue tied and needed prompting on her answers! University feed back said just need to build confidance in interview - so my tip is to do lots of practise mock interviews!

Awesome I am now going to uni

Awesome I am now going to uni in a month :) Thanks for the tips they helped me to stay calm.

What kind of questions they ask in the interview

The selection day in Nursing course.Degree in child nurse, can i have tips of questions they ask during individual interview, my email

Adult Nursing

Hey, I wonder if i could get some idea of questions asked for adult nursing in nottinghm?

No idea what to expect..
Please email me on


what might they ask me on the childrens nursing interviews??

Hi, I also have an interview

Hi, I also have an interview on Social Work 2nd April and wanted to know the type's of questions asked.

If you could email with some tips that would be great. Thanks.


could you help me iv got mu MA social work interview in four days and i dont know what to expect in terms of questions any suggestions my email address is your help will really mean alot thankyou

Adult Nursing

heya, i have an interview next week an i was just wondering if you had any tips for me for interview. im really nervous!!! my email address is :)

Thank you for the tips! I'm

Thank you for the tips! I'm also off to Queen Mary's for an English interview soon!

Midwifery interview

Hi I have just read your interview tips and I feel that they have really helped me! So thank you!

I have a interview for midwifery at a university (Birmingham City) on 2/12/09 and I was wondering do you have any idea on the particular questions that they may ask me?

I have already had one interview but I failed that one so I could really do with some help and confidence building!

Please email me at asap!

Thanks again! :) Your site tips are great!

Childrens nursing

i have an interview for childrens nursing this week, and was just wondering if there are any tips and if anyone has any questions that will be asked.i am a very nervous person so would appriciate the help. PLease email me at

Thank you

Childrens nursing group interview salford

I have ida what to expect please help!

surgical nursing

hii.. i have an interview with huddersfield university on the 5th of january and i amm very nervous..
can you plz give me some questions in which they may ask.. will be much appreciated.

my e-mail is

Please Interview Teens 13-14 Year Old

Please help teens 13-14 year old decide psychology is the subject in which they desire to excel.

speech and language

hey this was really helpful, it really relaxes you because you know what to expect.

i was wondering if you could suggest questions to prep for on the subject of speech and lang
i have thought about the typical ones why SLT and why this uni?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

my email is

Thanks for the good tips! I

Thanks for the good tips! I would like to know what kind of questions I would be asked at an interview for Nursing? Please give some tips on answers.

Comment on Social Work Interview

Hey, I've got an interview for social work next week friday. Just want to knwo what sort of questions might come up (both in the indidual interviews and the group interviews). Any comments would be most appreciated.


need further tips

Hi,I will have an interview on thursday for a nursing course... can you give any tips on questions i might expect from them thank you.


how long will it take the uni to give me an offer

I attended a interview / campus tour for Brunel on 4th Feb.......How long will it take them to give me an offer for the course????

Nursing (mental Health)

Thank you for the interview tips. I have an interview on Monday, The interview will be an event like a tour round the school and an opportunity to meet academic staff and students.This event will be will be used to evaluate and select students for 2010 entry and numeracy test which will involve conversions and drug calculations. Do you know what kind of things shall I expect in an interview of this nature and what exactly is a drug calculation? Thank you.


LOVE THIS, simple, concise and easy to understand



hope i could make it!!..



I've got an interview with Essex university for Computer Science. Any idea of what they might ask?
Any help would be very much appreciated!


i had a read of this before

i had a read of this before my interview and got an offer :D thankyou!!!!! xx

Nursing Mental Health

Hiya thanks for the tips, eem to be in the ame boat a everyone else and tarting to panic about th up and coming interviews. Any tips/ideas on questions they may ask in a Mental Health Nuring interview.
Thanks gem.

University info

I think this website has indeed been extremely helpful. It is very precise and definitely provides great info!

are they asking general

are they asking general questions about the course or specific on the subject?

great information

thank u very much you have

thank u very much you have just boosted my interview is on the 1st week of december.really good tips

am going for an interview but

am going for an interview but my original result is not with me what should i do?

Thank you! I read this the

Thank you! I read this the night before my interview and i found it really useful and reassuring! i was so nervous and i thought about what i had read on here and i felt more confident.

Adult Nursing Interview

I have an interview at BCU for Adult Nursing next week. If anyone could give me possible questions they might ask or just general advice it would be much appreiciated.
My email is -

Serena :)

Adult Nursing

Great tips.
I have an interview for adult nursing at BCU next week. Does anyone know what kind of questions they might ask ?
Serena, when's your interview?



So useful - thank you!

So useful - thank you!

Speech and Language Therapy Interview Help

I have had two interviews recently (had to do a questionnaire for Manchester) for SLT at UEA and Birmingham and have recieved 3 offers from Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham (1st choice :D).
The questions asked are almost similar word for word. They basically ask you:
1) What made you want to choose this course?
2) Why this uni?
3) What do you think you could bring to this uni?
4) SLT is a very intensive course, how would you deal with the heavy workload?
5) Tell us about one case where and how you had to adapt your communication skills when communicating with someone different?

They sound a bit daunting, but they're simple really. As long as you prepare for it, and they're not scary at all. I'm not the most confident person but for some reason I had a sudden burst. I think the main thing is to express your passion for the subject! Its a bit cheesy but its what they want to hear!

If anyone has any other questions about SLT feel free to e-mail me:

Very Useful

I found these tips very useful and they have given me an insight as to what i should expect when my interviews do come around in the next week.

Great advise. Will help me a

Great advise. Will help me a lot. thanks. Karen

midwifery interview

hi i have a midwifery interview in two days could you send me some practice questions
many thanks

Adult Nursing At Glasgow Cali

Hello i have got an interview on Adult Nursing at Glasgow Cali. ajust wondering what questions and discussions could come up because i am beginning to panic. if you could please contact me at

social work interviews

hi i have an interview for social work on weds 23rd feb 2011 i think this advise i great but have u any idea on the dos and dont of interviews for social work and any tricky things i can prepare for! thanks in advance!