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Dentistry University Interview Questions

1) Why do you want to study Dentistry?

2) Why did you apply to this university?

3) What qualities should a dentist have?

4) What are the negative aspects of Dentistry?

5) Why is research important to science and how is this related to Dentistry?

6) Tell us an example of how you cope with stress?

7) What work experience do you have in Dentistry?

8) Did anything surprise or shock you during your work experience placement?

9) Do you think your own dentist is good at communicating with patients?

10) What can you tell me about preventative Dentistry?

11) What is Orthodontics?

12) What is gingivitis?

13) Why do dentists recommend the fluoridation of water supplies?

14) What are the arguments against fluoridation of water supplies?

15) What are amalgam fillings made of, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

16) What are white fillings made of, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

17) How would you organise a campaign to improve dental health?

18) How are NHS dentists funded? Is it the same for GP’s?

19) Should dental treatment be free on the NHS?

20) What articles have you read recently about Dentistry?

21) What can  you bring to this Dental School?

22) What precautions need to be taken with patients who are HIV positive?

23) Who are the members of the dental team?

24) How does teamwork apply to the role of a dentist?

25) What is the difference between tooth erosion and tooth decay?

26) How would you carry out a root treatment?

27) What are the negative aspects of Dentistry?

28) How would you handle a non-English speaking patient?

29) What can you tell us about modern advances in Dentistry?

30) Why do you think so many NHS dentists are going private?

31) Why do you want to study Dentistry rather than Medicine?

32) What are the differences between private and NHS Dentistry?

33) What is the role of the General Dental Council?

34) Why do some people underestimate the value of their teeth?

35) If taxpayers pay tax for dental students to become dentists do you think all dentists should have to work in the NHS for a certain number of years?