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Teacher Training (PGCE) University Interview Questions

Here are some example questions to help you prepare for your PGCE university interview.

1) Why do you want to become a teacher?

2) What relevant work experience do you have and what did you learn from it?

3) How does your degree relate to National Curriculum requirements?

4) Why have you chosen a postgraduate route into teaching?

5) Why would you make a good teacher?

6) What aspects of the course do you think will be most challenging?

7) Tell us about an example of a school lesson you’ve observed and how it was run?

8) Why do you want to work with children?

9) What has influenced your decision to become a teacher?

10) What are you looking forward to most about the course?

11) Tell us about an educational issue that interests you?

12) What sort of schools would you like to work in and why?

13) What made you choose your undergraduate degree subject?

14) What weaknesses will you have to work on to become a successful teacher?

15) What is the hardest thing about working with children?

16) Why have you chosen this particular age range to teach?

17) How could you make a subject or topic interesting to children?

18) What aspect of teaching do you like least? 

19) What will you bring to the course?

20) What is the role of a teacher?

21) How will you cope with the intensity of the course?

22) How do you deal with very gifted children?

23) How would you cope with less bright children who have learning difficulties?

24) How would you deal with a racial incident at school?

25) What do you know about the National Curriculum?