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Physiotherapy University Interview Questions

1) Why do you want to become a Physiotherapist?

2) Why did you apply to study at this university?

3) What qualities do you think you need to be a Physiotherapist?

4) What do you think is the most challenging aspect of a Physiotherapist’s job?

5) Do you know what other types of professional people you’ll be working with in the role?

6) What are the advantages and disadvantages of home physiotherapy?

7) Give us an example of when you had to overcome a difficult situation?

8) What are negative aspects of working in the NHS?

9) Do you have any work experience related to Physiotherapy? What did you enjoy about it and what did you learn?

10) What is the role of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy?

11) How would you deal with a patient who refuses treatment?

12) How do you cope with stress?