There’s no denying that cramming in studying, working and socialising can make university life a chore at times.

This week, read my pick of the best apps that will help you tackle student life a little more easily.

#1 CiteThisForMe

Complete those boring bibliographies in a jiffy with Cite This For Me ! 

Covering all major styles of referencing, including Harvard, MLA and Chicago, this app will help you on your way to perfect essays.

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EasyBib - available free on iTunes and Android

#2 Workflowy

This basic app lets you organise your notes, ideas and to-do lists as simply as possible. Choose to show or hide completed items, and hop around dozens of lists using the search option.

Available free on Android and iTunes

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Evernote - Available free on iTunes

Clearnote - Available for £0.62 on Android

#3 AroundMe

Great for finding your way around town, whether you’re a fresher or a 3rd year. Need a restaurant, bank or pub? Find the nearest one instantly with AroundMe.

Available free on iTunes and Android

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Foursquare - available free on iTunes and Android 

Pin Drop - available free on iTunes and for £0.61 on Android

#4 MoneyBook

Track your spending and manage your student budget with this elegant, yet powerful app. MoneyBook allows you to view monthly transactions as statistics or pretty graphs.

Available for £1.99 on iTunes

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Pocket Budget - available free on Android

#5 Pocket

As a student, it’s likely you’ll always have too much to read and not enough time to read it (even if it’s just the latest celebrity gossip!). 

Pocket lets you save articles, videos and any other media to view later on your mobile device. 

Available free on iTunes and Android 

#6 Textgrabber

Use Textgrabber to take a picture of a textbook page, and immediately edit it or translate into over 40 languages. You can also share the page through email or SMS, and transfer it straight to other applications on your device.

Available for £2.99 on iTunes and £3.11 on Android 

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Scanner Pro - available for £4.99 on iTunes

Prizmo - available for £6.99 on iTunes

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Do you have any other great apps for students you'd like to share? Please post them below!