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My interest in law stems from a fascination with resolving conflict and the important contribution it makes to our society. I view law as a career in which I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others and be able to evaluate the nature of human relationships. I believe that I am suited to a career in law as I work best when facing challenges.

Academically, I have always been a very determined individual, hence the reason I knew that a degree at university would be the next step. I have a broad interest in many subject areas yet feel drawn towards a law degree. The wide range of subjects that I have chosen has helped me to become more open minded. In fourth year I sat GCSE Arabic out with the school.

This made me realise the importance of organisation and required me to make use of my time efficiently so that other schoolwork did not suffer. Therefore I decided to further extend my academic achievements by preparing for the Arabic A level exam. My ability to speak Arabic fluently and also read and write it has largely improved my communication skills and the way I interact with others.

I am also studying an additional Higher which I feel has become less challenging because of my efficiency in organisation and also my determination which drives me closer to my ambition of becoming a successful lawyer.

My choice in social sciences such as geography and modern studies has also taught me how to adopt a more logical approach to factual situations and other competences such as improving my knowledge of modern society and international political affairs that trouble the modern world.

To complement my academic interests I engage in a variety of extracurricular activities. I am involved in the school debating society. The experience has taught me to use my own initiative in writing speeches and developed my skills of public speaking and diplomacy.

I am also involved in the production of the school newspaper as I enjoy writing articles about major issues in society such as international social issues.

One of my main hobbies is organising events within my Muslim cultural community as I enjoy the responsibility as well as working alongside friends. My ability to motivate myself is a key factor in my overall success. I am an extremely hardworking person and I am committed to reaching my goals.

I thoroughly enjoy spending my spare time with my family and friends who are the most important feature of my life. I am also keen on taking part in a variety of sporting activities as I often organise a five a side football team to participate in tournaments at the weekends. This experience has taught me the importance of communication, teamwork and self-reliance.

I am also a member of the local gym were I attend regularly in order to keep active and fit. Moreover, I frequently enjoy reading novels as well as broad sheet newspapers to keep myself updated with world events.

My work experience with Miller Samual law firm in Glasgow fired and reinforced my enthusiasm for a career in law. I had the opportunity to shadow administrators, solicitors and office clerks, observing critical procedures at every level.

Moreover, I feel that it is necessary to further extend my experiences within a Lawyer's workplace; therefore I have decided to attend another week of work experience in January 2007. This will allow me to reinforce my grasp of what day to day life and work and is like for a lawyer and will improve my awareness of what a career in law will involve.

As a result of my education and experiences I feel that I have developed the skills necessary to meet the challenge that further education will provide me with and challenges that I look forward to meeting and accomplishing.

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This personal statement was written by harith90 for application in 2007.

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I am a 5th year student as i decided to apply early. I applied to Glasgow university, strathclyde, edinburgh and aberdeen. I recieved offers from 3 of them but edinburgh was unsuccessful. Glasgow and strathclyde's offer was AAAAB including English, and Aberdeen's offer was ABBBB including English.
I have accepted Glasgow's offer.
I hope this personal statement aids whom this may concern.

UPDATE: Hi everyone, thank you for your kind and not so kind comments lol
Just to reassure you that my personal statement is in fact true!
I have recently started at Glasgow university so if anyone needs any advice or help just email me at and ill do my best to help!


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good p.s

goos statement, maybe another draft might help you a bit more write good , but maybe you could outline everything clearly. seems just a little confusing.
Good luck!!

this is very real and down to

this is very real and down to earth. they like reading statements that are from real people without the bullsht.


i think this is a well organised PS...its is straight forward and of luck!!


wish u all the best! -- i cud never write anything like this. =[ im not looking forward to having to write mine.

one word...amazing!

Ive done a first draft of my ps...but having read yours, i feel to start from scratch. You've helped by allowing me to see what needs to be included in a good law ps. Wish u all the best. U must be starting your law degree this year. TC


This is good yeah, better than anything I could write, but i bet not alot of it is true


don't know what to say

your ps is just incredibly good! you're obviously good at finding the right words!! I wish you the best of luck in uni! ;)

a very good personal

a very good personal statement- i was fretting about how to start mine but now have more of an idea on how to write it thank you!! nd good luck in uni with ur ongoing studies!!!

hi i found your personal

hi i found your personal statement very good and interesting. I am currently writing my personal statement but i am finding it difficult to find a quote which explains why i want to study law, other than Helena Kenedys quote. Thank you

ha you blatently jacked a

ha you blatently jacked a line from Profesh's statement 'I had the opportunity to shadow administrators, solicitors and office clerks, observing critical procedures at every level: from case-work and preparation, all the way through to the excitement of litigation in the Crown Courts.' tut tut. im just too observant for yoooh!

I may not have a personal

I may not have a personal statement peppered with Helena Someone's quotes, but I still believe mine is way, way better than this load of crap. Sorry Profesh.

Well done, this is one of the

Well done, this is one of the few personal statements i have read on this website which actually sounds honest and not contrived. I too am applying to Glasgow university so this is a great insight what they are looking for. Thank you.

this is pretty good! i too

this is pretty good! i too did arabic and gcse and a level but i never thought that unis would be interested!! :-s

you proved me wrong!!


wow this statement rocks i

wow this statement rocks i love it so much

Well done for getting where

Well done for getting where you wanted to be! Your personal statement and accomplishments are fairly impressive I hope you go far with what you are intending on doing!! :)

I see that you are very good

I see that you are very good at reserching personal statements online! This ps is a copy-paste mixture of about 10 others i have read online. we all copy paste but at least we don't brag about it!!!



oh my deary days i have never

oh my deary days i have never heard so much codsswallop in my whole entire life! i think you may need a good sit down and think about how pompos you are being, your head is so big that i nearly fell off my stool onto my pussycat, im surprised you can fit through the door! oh my goodness i must stop now before i start being nasty oh dear i need to go pray.
from gurtrude, arthers merry wife
good day

i completly, utterly agree

i completly, utterly agree with dear gurtrude, i too nearly fell off my rocking chair whilst sipping my pot of tea and nibbling at my scone, jesus christ my dear friend!
from irene
kind regards

rlllly good!

dis p.s. is amazing.. im read it n thought my p.s. is soooooooo shit !!lol


which one of you muppets are heading to bradford, talk to me tony talk to me

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