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Through the five years involvement in the Boys Brigade’, I have encountered a few prominent events which could have caused me to turn against my teammates and quit. Apart from learning discipline and respecting our officers, I also learned that there is no one true definition of justice.

On one occasion, I was wrongly accused of belittling my teammate through a comment on Facebook. Because of this, I was called in by my officer and was punished by listening to his three hour long rant although I was innocent.

I was placed in a position to understand that justice is not about who is right or wrong, but belongs to authority and the majority. In my opinion, rules and law are determined by the vast majority of the group. This incident sparked my interest to study law because of the subjectivity of justice which I find interesting.

As a high school debater, the process of preparing for the debates-long discussions with my teammates to strengthen our points so that it wouldn’t be easily rebutted and preparing ourselves to answer any questions from the opposition excites me. By presenting our topics and points of debate issue, I get a feel of what a lawyer does although I am almost certain it is definitely more than this.

Participating in the University of New South Wales English Assessment for three years helped me master the language as it is important for a student who is reading law in the UK. Moreover, achieving 2A in the 1119 English Exam further gives me the confidence needed to study in this medium. “The Rainmaker” written by John Grisham made me intrigued about the world of law.

Having a parent in the legal profession had given me an early exposure in the field of law. At times, I would accompany him to work. Having the chance to observe my father at work made me realise the intense research lawyers do in preparation to defend a client.

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit in a courtroom and listen to cases and further understand how the counsel and solicitors work together with the bench to achieve justice. I personally think a lawyer has to be vigilant where he has to refer to cases decided previously to distinguish or support his arguments.

From my observation and understanding, law covers every aspect of our lives and it is not merely rules or regulation. It changes with time to suit what is best in this ever evolving society. From these experiences, I have developed a strong interest in law and decided to take up this subject at A-Levels. After learning more about the English Legal System, I am now more determine to study law at university because of the interesting cases and precedents.

As the secretary for the Athletics Club in my school, the role involves me to write meeting minutes in detail to be updated for future references throughout the school year. It made me to be diligent and also a responsible. Representing my district and also school in the annual competition for 5 straight years without fail in individual and team events made me determined to work hard. Achieving 1st runner up in the 4x100m track event made me develop new interpersonal skills when interacting with teammates of different races.

Obtaining a Certificate of Distinction in French Language, DELF A1 was special for me because it gave me a view of a different culture and the joy embracing it especially in the UK. The thought of studying in a new country and interacting with international students further excites me to swiftly adapt myself to this new environment.

Ultimately, I wish to be a defense counsel in the courts because I want to be the difference when it matters. In my opinion, the university is a base for me to further enhance my understanding of law as a degree and it gives me a good position for employment, not only in my own country but possibly in a foreign one.

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This is my first draft of my personal statement. Im planning to go to the UK next year and I need help! Thank you


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