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My interest in Law first sparked when I was reading and watching documentaries and articles about Law and how the criminal justice system works. Law has been a passion of mine since I was in secondary school, seeing the impact be a solicitor can have on their clients when they get the outcome they wanted.

Furthermore, being a solicitor is a great area for learning, no day the same, meeting different people and working with them and their different cases. Working and studying in law is a constant learning journey, growing and becoming more experienced each day. I am extremely fascinated how the justice system in the UK works and how it is changing and evolving.

I strongly believe that working within law is suited to me as an individual as I work at my best when completely challenged and when under pressure. Working in a fast pace industry interests me as I love the thrill of achievement and accomplishment.

Although I did not study Law and Criminology directly in college, I did study psychology and sociology at an A-level grade. After taking Health and Social Care for 3 years I realised that my true passion and interest was for law and the justice system. In my first year of college, I received the student of the year award, this was for helping those around me. This resulted in me speaking in front of my peers and giving advice and help to them.

English has always intrigued me as a person, learning and reading has always been an enjoyment to me. Debate was one of many things I particularly enjoyed in English. It sparked the adrenaline within me. Having a civilised debate helped me chose a career path that I knew suited me as an individual.

Outside of my education I enjoy looking after my horses and taking part in friendly and competitive competitions. Horseback riding has been a part of my life since I was an infant. The responsibilities that came with looking after a horse helped me become more mature and how to take care of another living species. I also learnt how to be a team player and a friendly competitor. Being an equestrian helped show me that challenging work and dedication can pay off in a rewarding achievement. This also helped me understand that arduous work pays off.

I have always been an over achiever when it comes to my work, I enjoy having a workload that challenges me as a person. I ensure that all work that I complete is up to an exceptional standard, always putting 110% effort into it. My confidence shines when I am faced with a challenge.

I love working as part of a team, although I am independent, this helps me share my own ideas and outlooks, but as well as this it helps get an idea of what those in the team think. This helps get different views about things. When it comes to work, I like to have an open-mind and an enthusiastic look on things, this helps develop a strategic way to figure and overcome any obstacle’s I may face. As well as this I have exceptional communication skills, this also reflects on my listening skills.

I am very eager to start a law degree, this is a new learning adventure that I simply cannot wait to start. My passion and work ethic drive me to be able to achieve my goals. I believe that my honesty and practicality will help me be the best solicitor I can be.

I am hoping that I can achieve all the goals I have set for myself, which includes getting into university. The idea of starting a university excites me and I am ready and well prepared for what university life has to offer me. I hope that I have the privilege to attend my chosen university.

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I haven't submitted this yet as I am really unsure if this is good. I don't want it to sound desperate but I also dont want this to not be enough?


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