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As I stepped up to the platform to complete the cross-examination, a softball-sized knot took shape in my stomach. I prayed that my vocal cords would not fail me. Preparing to question the prosecution's key witness, I knew that my performance would determine whether my team left the courtroom with the smiles of victors or the furrowed brows of the defeated.

With the weight of the team resting directly on my shoulders, I began my interrogation. Immediately, the opposing barrister shot me the most hostile glance I had ever encountered.

I ignored him. As I slowly questioned the witness, I realised that my questioning was tearing holes in the witness' story.

My nervousness faded away and confidence took its place. After I asked my last question, I sat down, relieved and jubilant, but presenting a calm exterior; if I had openly expressed the full extent of my joy, security might have thrown me out of the courtroom.

I had just presented a case in front of a fictitious County Court Judge as part of my college's pilot 'Law-In-Practice Program.'

As a student in the college's A-level law program, I had expected to take part in this activity to enjoy myself, explore a possible career, and enhance useful skills such as public speaking.

My teachers, family and friends had always insisted that I would make an excellent solicitor because of my skill at convincing others through logical and persuasive argumentation. Before the program, however, I had limited exposure to the field, having worked as a court clerk for only a few hours.

I left that day, armed with a victory, but also with a career plan and substantive knowledge of the law. Through participating in cases such as this one, I now understand much more about the components of a trial, from the basic proceedings, to the strategies used by barristers, to the diverse opinions expressed by judges.

I saw just how much hard work it requires to successfully try cases; I often met with my coaches and teammates on nights and weekends to work on our case strategies.

My efforts paid off. At the end of the year, our team performed well and I ended up winning an 'Outstanding Student Award.' More important than the award, however, was the realisation that I had found my future career-in a courtroom. This time, however, the cases will be real.

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Overall a very good Personal

Overall a very good Personal Statement - its a shame that it is not original though, and was re-written by a website

How is this a personal

How is this a personal statement? It reads like a novel!


as the person said its more of a novel, it doesnt really describe the person or his future career, alittle over-the-top for my liking!!!


as the person said its more of a novel, it doesnt really describe the person or his future career, alittle over-the-top for my liking!!!

Well it's the most

Well it's the most interesting personal statement I've ever read! I think the general idea would grab the tutors attention but get to the point sooner, include other info that has enhanced your interest in law and talk about yourself a bit more. Good luck!


less art, more matter

drama queen!

i only read the first paragraph of this and then completely lost interest. this is supposed to be a personal statement, not a novel!


Its an original idea but im not to sure about it. you need to somehow combine this with talking about yourself more. But good work though!!

This is more of a personal

This is more of a personal story than a personal statement. The here problem comes in when the prime focus is turned away from what personal statements are all about. However, it did not arise from the story itslef. Out.

the best

i think it is absolutley wonderful,you are an idol to be loved cherishd and honoured forever, I will sleep with ur law statement n mind.

hey! this is good !

I was really attracted to your PS cuz it sounds different from many other ones. The way you chose to express your passion about Law is kind of refreshing. But like someone already said, this PS could be better if you talk more about yourself. WELL DONE THO !!!


wow u do have some talent...but u shuld have used it in the correct place ....however if u had described urself a bit it wuld have been one of the best statements i have read thus far....well done!!!

sorry but you really should

sorry but you really should say more about you as a person, interests, hobbies etc. yes they're interested to hear wat u say about law but u need something else that makes u different that isn't necessarily about law.


wierdest pesonal statement i have ever read


and comical, I doubt you will get an interview let alone an offer

go with a tried and tested

go with a tried and tested method, this is far too abstract and aimed towards drama and english lit to be considered as a law P.S.

this personal statement

this personal statement reaked of panther cack

i got into uni of manchester

i got into uni of manchester for llb. and this p.s. is terrible. to much faffing around. dont try to impress them, dude. just state your facts n sound genuinely interested.


Personally, I felt that was outstanding. It was interesting, insightful and unique. Oxford and Cambridge are famously known for being a bit 'different' in their approach and selection-maybe you should apply there, assuming you have the grades to back it up

u foolish child u sound like

u foolish child u sound like a huge DOUCHE!

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that was awful

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This would not work as a

This would not work as a personal statement. The admissions officer would take one look at it, sigh with exasperation and move to the next one - I can guarantee it. DO NOT WRITE A PERSONAL STATEMENT IN THE SAME STYLE AS THIS ONE. You have been warned.

dumb sht

wow major fail.....


52. "The road will be overcome by that person, who goes." I wish you never stopped and be creative - forever..!!

Cool story bro

Yeah, I don't think you are allowed to just tell them a story about a day of your life as a personal statements, it actually has to have this thing called information, you may have heard of it.

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