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The world around us would be nothing like it is today if we did not have laws keeping society in line. My fascination with law has stemmed from reading of the Times law section every Tuesday helping me to gain crucial knowledge of the subject of law, and studying the subject at sixth form which has further enhanced my passion for the subject.

Last year I participated in the Bar Mock Trial in Leeds, playing the role of a witness and I have again, this year, taken part, although I took up a much more important and responsible role of a prosecuting barrister. This involved extensive work such as preparing closing statements and cross-examining numerous witnesses.

Within this years trial we did reach the finals, after winning all of our previous cases. Although we did not win the entire competition I do feel that this has benefited me immensely, enhancing my desire to take law up as my main profession. We received many positive comments from both judges and organisers, with one judge commenting that I was outstanding while cross examining and delivering my closing speech.

I am currently studying for my A Levels at Tollbar BEC 6th Form, and I am taking law, history and general studies and AS philosophy and ethics. I have also taken AS Levels in physics, and economics. I am also taking extra curricular Spanish which will give me another GCSE, meaning that I will now have GCSEs in three languages including English.

The subjects that I chose were of great interest to me after I completed my GCSEs. I chose the subject of history to further enhance my essay writing abilities, and also because I thoroughly enjoy having to compile my own research and I enjoy learning about past events and events that "shaped" the world.

I chose the subjects of economics and physics to try and strengthen my maths abilities, ready for the world around me. Law has allowed me to gain an understanding of the subject before I took it up a university.

Throughout my time at Tollbar, I was involved in numerous volunteering projects, including selling poppies for the poppy appeal and participating in Beach Watch, which involved spending a day at the beach, picking up litter and then recording this on numerous forms, so that the environment commission could measure the fluctuations in the amount of rubbish on Britain's beaches.

I have also helped out on many school open days throughout my time at secondary school, including helping out at the Proshare open day where I worked as a stockbroker.

At college I have received many awards and won many competitions. I attended the school presentation evening at the Town Hall in year 11 and was awarded for endeavour in history, and I am again this year attending for achievement in both law and spanish. I was also selected to be my form prefect.

While at Tollbar I also competed in Proshare, which involves buying and selling shares on the real stock market. This competition ended in 2005, with me finishing first in the U.K. competition, beating around 4000 other teams.

In year 12 I participated in Young Enterprise, which involved me and five other students setting up and running a private limited company, making and selling products and making a profit.

My role within this competition was of finance director, which involved me sorting out all of the finance for the company, creating finance spreadsheets, and working out the profit margins that we hoped to make. We did very well in this competition, winning our regional heats and making it to the regional finals, where we won an award for sales and communication.

I hope to be able to further my interest in law while studying at your university.

I feel that have a lot to offer the university, such as joining the many societies that you have including both political and sports, and I will undoubtedly be participating in the many student events that your fantastic student union puts on. And I know I have a lot to gain from studying Law with you at your university.

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