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Law. It affects everyone, regardless of race, age, size, or favourite football team. It isn't prejudiced; it doesn't expect you to break any rules. It's international; everywhere has laws. Law, in theory, is the essence of fairness, which is why it so interests me in a world that many deem unfair.

From an early age I was always considering what I wanted to be. My mother was a dinner lady and my father was a plasterer, but they always encouraged me to be the best I could be, and then become even better. I considered many options between pilot and superhero, until I watched a real court case in Harrow Crown Court.

It fascinated me, and since then it has been my dream to become a barrister, and hopefully one day "take silk". My secondary education was in what you might call a "below average" school, with a large number of pupils achieving Cs or less at GCSE.

However I still managed to overcome odds, achieving impressive results, which shows perseverance and determination - failure was not an option to me. My choice to move sixth form shows my willingness and open mindedness to jump into a new environment, especially being the shy boy I once was.

In 2006 I secured a work experience place in the now Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court, for two weeks. During this time I was directly involved with the administration side of the law, such as setting up court dates and swearing in juries.

This gave me an insight into what court life could be like, fuelling my interest for law further. I also got to view many court cases, which also allowed me to experience the courtroom "buzz", not to mention a rather nasty look from a judge when I walked into a trial halfway through. This lead me to my AS subject choices.

Law has taught me the basics of the degree I wish to study, and fuelled my thirst for more. Psychology has developed my understanding of how people think and understand themselves and others, a useful trait in a barrister. Politics has developed my analytical and debating skills, as my class and I talk about the issues that shape our law today.

Politics also has developed my presentational and essay wring ability, as I research the detailed information I need to make my piece "stand out from the crowd". English develops my spoken and writing skills, key to an in depth study of law.

Within college I have also volunteered to be a peer supporter. It was my job to make sure the new students entering the college had a good welcome, and a dependable friend and advocate. This responsibility is ongoing, and I have taken time out to visit the class I was supporting to see how they're coping (so good so far). I also found the experience helpful to myself, as it allowed me to meet and interact with many kinds of people, and improve my communication skills.

Aside from being a law enthusiast, I also am involved in music technology, producing instrumentals for groups of singers and rappers alike.

This has allowed me to gain more experience with different types of people, as well as forcing me to remain calm under pressure if something goes wrong (but I try to not let things go wrong). I also have taught how to produce these instrumentals, which gave me a sense of responsibility, challenging me to make what I find interesting interesting to others.

I have also volunteered at the British Heart Foundation, allowing me to support a cause that not only affects many around the world, but one that took my father's life in 2005.

Reading law reports from the Times website, allows me to keep up to date with current legal issues, as well as advance my vocabulary with legal terminology. I have also begun reading an assortment of Helena Kennedy books, starting with the controversial 'Eve Was Framed'.

Law is more than something I want to study, it is my passion. By studying it on a degree course I hope to fulfil this passion, and have a great time doing so.

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This personal statement was written by richest4u for application in 2009.

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I wanted it to sound as natural as possible, while still conveying a formal or respectful attitude, kind of like a clown in a tuxedo.
I went through 6 drafts to get it to this point, many thanks to all those who have a read and comment.
Currently I am awaiting replies from Kings, LSE, Leeds, City and Brunel.


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Just felt compelled to point

Just felt compelled to point out that grammatically, for a personal statement (which is arguably formal writing), you should not use contractions i.e. in your introduction, you have used 'isn't', 'it's' and 'doesn't' ... aside from that, good luck =)

Helena Kennedy...

Helena Kennedy is an extraordinary lawyer, and the fact that you have said you have read 'Eve was framed' is an obvious lie when you have said 'I am reading an assortment of Helena Kennedy books'... she's only written 2.

Of course, she has published others, but that's a different matter.

Don't shove things into a law personal statement. Admissions officers for law know the standard stuff inside out. You made the most obvious mistake possible which ahs revealed you to not really have the enthusiasm you claim to have for law.

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