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I am a primary school teacher of a remote village. I always search higher quality of career. For that reason I cannot stop my education.

I faced so many struggles to continue my study but I cannot give up my dream. I believe, one day I must achieve my goal and this aspiration pushes me to hold on study. Actually, life's struggle built me as a confident woman. I always believe that life is a challenge. So, after a prolonged interval in education I decided to start my further education in 2012.

In 2003, I completed honors graduate in Political science but I honestly express that I did not satisfy about my education career. I also did not get proper advice about my career. I belong from a middle class family but my dream is upper class. My parents are not too much up to date about modern life and career culture. Besides that, after my graduation suddenly my father died who was my good friend also.

However, during that time I needed only job because my father was only service holder in my family. I got a job in a company as a customer care adviser. After that I joined as a primary school teacher. During that time I was financially stabled. So, I decided to start further study.

During my teenage I strongly believe that I will build my-self as a strong lady- financially and mentally before our society. Still now this enthusiasm provide me confidence and this confidence helped me to study law. I did not take sudden decision to select law. My past miserable experience encouraged me to learn law.

Every aspect in our life law is very necessary. It is also a dynamic, logical and realistic subject. I am very confident that I choose accurate subject for me. From my teenage I took part debate competitions and I also took a position. Besides that I am a confident speaker and I always support logic and protest is my automatic habit. Sometime I face difficulties for these types of character but I unable to give up it.

However, I decide that I will study LL.M in International Commercial Law because- I will get opportunity to study my favorite subjects, like international trade law, international commercial arbitration, company law, law of contract etc.

I am confident that if I get opportunity to study international commercial law from your university I will prove my-self as a good professional lawyer or adviser. I can meet globally reputed mentors in the University of Bristol where I will get chance to brush up my talent in advocacy and legal writing.

I will get opportunity to join International Corporations like UNO, WTO and reputed law firms also. I have good result in LL.B. I am also confident that I will do good result in LLM. I also spent few months in British Council at Kolkata. I followed the strategy of teaching which was benefited for me. I believe if I get chance to your university I will prove my-self as a better lawyer in my country.

I already start a SELF HELP GROUP (SHG) where few needy women make jam, dresses, soft toys etc. They sell it in market and get handsome money. Now they use their money to expand their business. These women are all socially neglected women. They are all my students’ guardians. When we started it I organised some money by my own effort to purchase raw materials but now the group is self depended. Now I provide them only financial advice and business advice (how can they expand their business)?.

Another work is literacy program. My maximum students are first learners from their family. Their parents cannot write. The students who read in class three or four, I encourage them to train their parents for writing their own name. I receive fruitful result.

Outside my study and my job I really love reading book. Generally, I like data informated books like historical, travel, biography etc. Besides that I love yoga.

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I don't write the conclution. I want to know how is it? Please tell me the errors.


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