Law and Politics Personal Statement Example 2

I am conscientious team player with the ability to inspire my co-workers to greater productivity and cooperation. I enjoy learning, and am always able to taking on few challenges. My track record in education speaks itself. I can help any institute to fulfill its missions.

I have substantial experience in legal field at higher level. I am committed supporter of rule of law all over the world. Among other qualification, I have done M.A. Political science, with Law degree. This gives me the immense taste and temperament for international vision and international education.

My dedication, collaborative skills, and offbeat sense of humor are hard to capture in black and white. Here is my secret: I use bold, unusual working strategies to achieve phenomenal results in half the expected time. As my resume indicates, I am highly motivated and hard working. I learn quickly, and have excellent teamwork skills.

My legal and political science knowledge, dynamic style and strong communication skills make me an asset to any working team. I truly enjoy working with people to find the best solutions for their legal needs. You will note in my resume that I acted as advocate to help the suffering humanity. I also participated in many competitions and was awarded certificates of merits and certificates of distinctions.

I also Got an ward of distinction from U.S Embassy in collaboration with Govt of Pakistan. I also achieved a Roll of Honor from Agriculture University Faisalabad and Certificate of appreciation. I also won the Academic Roll of Honor and Gold Medal from my college. I was also nominated as Chairman Jail Reform Committee by the Punjab bar council.

Please consider my qualifications:

- Two year experience as an advocate.
- Having B.A .L.L.B degree And Master in Political science.
- Good analytical and Communication skills
- Proven record of good command over English in all fields.

Now I am motivated to transfer my real estate and financial knowledge to your side of the table.

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This personal statement was written by quswarhussain for application in 2000.


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