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My interest in law stemmed from personal experiences in different foreign countries, especially with three years spent living in the Middle East. Living in foreign countries opened my eyes to different political and judicial systems within different countries of the world.

Through work experience in an accountancy firm, I learnt about legalisation relating to accountancy, increasing my desire to learn law and practice law as a career. I am interested to learn how international disputes or investigations are settled where countries have different laws, for example: the recent story of missing Madeleine McCann and the conflict between the UK law and the Portuguese law.

At GSCE and A level I have become an A/A* student in English Language and English Literature, developing my skills of logical argument, persuasion and analysis. During year 10 I was recommended by teachers to independently do an Open University course in Start Writing Fiction, in which I achieved a Pass, whilst taking my AS exams at the same time.

In year 12 my teachers nominated me for Rainham Mark Grammar School gifted and talented register for English and they chose me to do an ESB (English Speaking Board) exam, in which I attained a Good Pass, thus developing my speaking and presentation skills.

Travelling to and living in different countries has fuelled my love for languages, meeting many people from different cultures and backgrounds. In primary school I learnt basic French then when I moved to Saudi Arabia I started French lessons, rapidly progressing to one of the top in my year.

In addition I took after school Arabic lessons and learnt many everyday phrases applicable to daily life in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. When I moved back to the UK I started learning German and within two years I was in express languages.

I did my German GCSE in one year and received an A, and did my French GCSE within the following year and again achieved an A. I decided to continue my study of German through to A-level because I thoroughly enjoy German and I am fascinated by the structure and grammar of the language.

As part of my A-level German studies I have learnt about some German politics, providing an insight to the different legislation of another EU country.

When I go to university I would like to take part in internal and external mooting competitions amongst other universities, as I am quite competitive and to develop and practice debating skills. I would like to take part in different sports and societies especially swimming at competitive level as would love to continue my passion and talent in this sport. I would like to join a dance club or set one up in order to help those who dont have the confidence to dance.

In the last few years particularly, I have become more and more involved with charity work. In 2005 I took part in a 'Ten Bridge' sponsored walk in London, raising £75 for Gingerbread, a charity for single parents. Recently, in May 2007 I swam 100 lengths (2.5km) non-stop and raised £160 for Medway Asthma Self-Help Group. I also like to know the money is being put to good use. For Gingerbread the money was used to organise days out for the single parents and their children such as going to the Pinocchio pantomime at the local theatre.

I am an extremely hard-working and motivated person both academically in my studies as well as out-of-school in sports and in my job as a waitress. I often question theories in Maths and Economics as I am keen to not only learn the theories but to also understand them and question how they operate.

I always try my best through life and use two mottos to help me get through even when I feel I don't understand; 'Be the best you can be' and 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'. I believe I can apply these qualities to the study of Law at university, which can then lead me to my goal of becoming a barrister.

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This personal statement was written by gem for application in 2008.

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criticisms welcome thank you.


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where are you applying? this is so odd...i lived in saudi too, and france for a our statements are pretty similar-good luck!

This looks like a organised

This looks like a organised and strong statement. Could you list the universitites you have applied to so I can see where this statement can lead to.

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