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I wish to study Spanish and international relations as to me languages are incredibly valuable. To be able to communicate with so many different cultures and interact with a multitude of different people is desirable.
I have had a substantial interest in east Asian pop culture since my early stages, due to growing up in London with people from all corners of the globe, it was easy to concern myself with others and quickly found interest in culture outside of my own.

Soon later in life I had moved to Spain, I of course had to learn the language and it easily and quickly came to me as it was all I was around. From then on I had recognised and saw how useful it was and how different the world could come across by speaking a different language.

Moving back to England gave me an advantage in the language section so I decided to pursue it from GCSE to A level, I studied a little Japanese at home, attended mini school classes for Chinese, took GCSE Latin, wanted but could not take GCSE French and surely did my Spanish. Now the reason I want to study Spanish further is because I really believe it can be a huge advantage to my life career wise and in other areas, at Degree level I will gain more competence and get back in touch with the areas I lost over time. I enjoy watching Spanish movies, they often have a different twist to them due to the removal of censorship in 1973 which allowed for some more dramatical twists such as the movies ‘Volver’, ‘Las lenguas de las mariposas’ and ‘Machuca’.

I love people and to be able to communicate with the vast majority of them is important to me and this is also why I wish to do a joint with International relations. I study A-level Philosophy and it has opened my eyes to worldly issues, it allows me to think about human rights, animal rights, religion, ethics and morality.

Since studying it I really believe I have become an improved person, I am no longer as ignorant and for me I think studying international relations is the next step. It takes what I love already and turns it to a business standpoint where I can learn to address the issues, solutions, the facts; so that I can actually help and work within this field. I will no longer be a mere outsider thinking about these issues, I can study about how the world works, how interaction is made, relationships are built and how I can be involved.

Studying this alongside a language goes hand in hand, it will allow me to travel and use my adroitness to work in the world. Philosophy A level and Fine Art A level has also worked together because I am now able to look at the importance of art, whether it has any value or objective beauty.

When creating my art pieces, it’s no longer about mere aesthetics but instead more in depth evaluation. I think Philosophy will definitely help me with international relations because I now find it easy to look at things from an unbiased point which is useful and needed when looking at all situations; I can give rational input on important decisions.

I consistently find new petitions which I can sign and raise awareness to so that it must be recognised and debated on within the government. I have enjoyed reading ‘What’s wrong with eating people? by Peter Cave’ which gives many puzzling ethical situations and even attempted to read Wittgenstein which I did not get very far in but hoped to improve my philosophical understanding.

I think that I am suitable to study this joint course because of my background in languages and the subjects I chose throughout my life up until now. Topics concerning international relations and languages have been prominent subjects that I have done best in and enjoyed most therefore I only see it as fitting for me to continue with them.

From living abroad, I have developed efficiency that others may not have gained, I have been in a completely new environment where I then had to learn to interact with others through a language barrier, deal with a new culture, way of life and take a whole new approach to my education. Philosophy has strengthened my ability in debating and being logical in my arguments.

Working in a class where many different views are shared has really peaked my interest for a subject such as international relations which can lead me to have a say on political decisions and global issues involving rights and development. Due to this I find it easy to work with others and on my own which is a universally employable skill, I am confident in being abroad which is an opportunity I want and will take, I am not scared of being placed in a new environment and working with new people because I simply love to do that.

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I would like to hear feedback on my personal statement, I am over the limit by quite a bit and am finding a hard time cutting it down, choosing what to remove etc. I was happy about the small character limit when i first heard, then i actually started writing it...
Should I perhaps be more specific within the subjects of Spanish and International relations? For example i am interested in immigration in international relations or the culture of Spain during a certain time?


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