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I have always been interested in the world's culture: its history and art.

Philosophy and languages proved themselves a perfect tool to describe and explain various conceptions of human mind, so that one could understand the specific meaning and value of each of them.

Although reading books such as “Arts in Civilization” (Jack A. Hobbs and Robert L. Duncan), “World's history” (“Avanta+”, Moscow, 1996), “History of Antique Literature”( I. M. Tronskij, St. Petersburg, 1946) etc. partly satisfied my interest, knowledge lacked links connecting matters and consequences of historical and cultural ages, events, people.

In order to gain an academic education I decided to enter the university, which can provide me with systematic and clear explanation of what is our past and why we understand it today in the way we do.

The intellectual curiosity always benefits those working in a scientific field. No doubt it helped me a lot to complete my secondary education with best possible results as well as gave me an advantage in many leisure pursuits.

During my last year at school I was involved in volunteering work as an editor in a local Youth Magazine, where some of my poems were published. As well as that I took part in a project called “Youth against violence” followed by international trainings on how to prevent violence in modern society.

Moreover, I participated in one of the most challenging programs of my life - the competition of the schoolchildren of Lithuania in Linguistics of the Russian Language and Russian Literature.

It included a written test, an analysis of a literary text and an oral presentation. As a winner I went to Moscow Olympiad of the Russian Language. The diploma I brought from there was given to me “For Extraordinary Thinking”; I must confess I am very proud of this award.

After finishing school I listened to the course of Introduction to Literature, Russian Folklore, Lexis, Morphology and the English Language at Vilnius Pedagogical University for about half a year.

Then I went abroad to explore the historical and cultural heritage of Europe and England. Shortly after my arrival in England I enrolled for the English Language Course in a private language school, but soon I realized my background knowledge satisfied all the language requirements for life and education in England.

As well as all mentioned above I participated widely in different programs for Gifted and Talented schoolchildren in Mathematics, Physics and History.

Logic hand by hand with patience and passion for study guide me in any beginnings of mine, which builds good basis for education and my future career, which I am planning to start in a scientific research sphere.

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This personal statement was written by muspri.i for application in 2007.

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well, it is not THE PERFECT statement, of course. hopefully, it will help you to write your own personal statement. good luck!


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