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If I had to pinpoint one of the moments in my life where I knew I would dedicate my life to art, it would be when I was ten years-old standing in front of ‘Le Penseur’ at the Musee Rodin. While wondering why groups of people stopped to take pictures of a “statue of a sitting naked man”, I was frustrated by not being able to appreciate what this sculpture represented.

Therefore a few years ago I did my research on it and then understood the reason why dozens of tourists seem to be mesmerized by the history behind The Thinker. Yet it always made me wonder if those tourists really understood the meaning behind the sculpture they were so eager to take pictures with or if they were just following instructions of a museum guide that told them they should take a picture of it. I decided I didn’t want to follow museum guides. I decided I want to learn the why/when/how of Art and be able to understand the meaning behind the shapes of a sculpture and the brushstrokes on a canvas. For this reason I am interested in studying History of Art.

Taking History as an A level has helped me to develop my analysing skills and enhanced my interest in discovering more about the past. English Literature A level and English Language AS level have also made me develop my analytical skills, by exploring different interpretations and theories within different texts. On the other hand, I’m also doing Media Studies which has helped me to sharpen my computer skills, such as the use of Photoshop and the designing of websites. Taking these classes in English while my native language is Spanish has taught me how to overcome any challenges that might arise and has made me more resourceful in my independent study.

I did work experience at Walter Halls Primary School as an assistant Spanish teacher and also supporting children with learning disabilities which has helped me to develop my organisation skills and to work independently. These extra skills will also come in useful when studying my chosen course.

The gratification I got from working with children was knowing I was making a difference no matter how small in a child’s life. I’m also an Illuminate member which has given me the chance to work with museum staff and artists to create exhibitions and projects to make Nottingham Museums more appealing to people who wouldn’t necessary be interested in history or art. Volunteering for Nottingham Museums Young Arts Collective has also enhanced my team working skills, since most projects are done collectively with other members. I’ve also been given the opportunity to meet and talk to curators and artists which increased my desire to do History of Art in higher education.

In my free time I enjoy reading varied books, among my favourites are ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen, ‘Reunion’ by Fred Uhlman and ‘The Price of Salt’ by Patricia Highsmith. I’m also keen on visiting new museums because since an early age my parents have supported my love for art by making sure I got to visit museums such as the Louvre, Rodin, Joan Bennasar and Buenos Aires among others, while we travelled on holidays or for living reasons. My favourite experience would have to be my most recent one at the British Museum, in which my father and I were given the chance to hold the ‘Crown of The Rose’, a coin of which currently only two have been found.

My aim by taking Art History is not only to expand my skills and knowledge to satisfy my individual curiosity on different types of arts, but I also believe this undergraduate course will allow me to achieve a career as a curator. With this in mind, I'm convinced that the Art History course your university offers will help me to reach my goal.

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This website helped me create my personal statement so I thought it's only fair if I share mine.
I got 5 offers one of them being unconditional.
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