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Since I first started studying business at GCSE I have been interested by how businesses operate and function, considering how they are able to become successful not only on a local scale, but how they are able to expand and grow to eventually operate on a global scale.

Continuing to study business at A level has allowed me to see how much I not only enjoy business, but wish to further my education of business in the future. Within business I feel that business ethics is a very important subject and that good business ethics are fundamental for the business's reputation and expansion as they allow the smooth operating of the business without corruption.

Taking philosophy and ethics at A level has allowed me to see how businesses are expected to react in given situations and how they should treat customers, employees and the local community. In addition to business ethics, business communication is also required for the success of the business.

Taking information technology at A level has given me an understanding of the different forms of modern day communication and technologies that are commonly used and are necessary for business. In addition I have been able to see how different computer software and programmes are used in various different forms of situations in business whether it is used to edit images for advertising or creating multimillion pound movies.

My voluntary work experience at Moody's allowed me to gain an even greater understanding of how businesses operate on a global scale. Whilst working within Moody's my team and I were given the task of recommending a new office location for Moody's to expand to.

This involved looking at over three years worth of sales from many countries such as South Africa, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and a large number of other locations. We then had to present our findings and recommendation to various important members of the company such as the head of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) sales and other important members of the business.

Doing this task gave me a priceless insight into how businesses operate, the aspects that needs to be considered when expanding and how a large, global business operates.

Whilst doing this task our overseer had to also take business calls as he had to work whilst mentoring over us, although some of these business calls where in English some were also spoken in Russian. This opened my eyes as to how important it is to learn other languages when in the business world and has caused me to desire to learn an eastern language whilst learning business at university.

I have also been awarded the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. Whilst doing the Duke of Edinburgh I was able to improve my leadership and teamwork skills as there was a variety of situations which required these to be used. For example leading map navigation, motivating others, taking part in different duties and jobs such as cooking for the team and organising who should do which job, for example washing up, navigation, setting up the camp and equipment e.t.c.

Not only was I able to gain leadership and teamwork skills, but I was able to gain an understanding that if I am determined to fulfil something I am able to do so, even when the time gets tough. This allowed me to see how much perseverance can pay off and how working as a team and motivating one another generates a successful outcome.

I wish to fulfil my desire to continue learning more about business within university by taking a degree which offers me the opportunity to learn business with an eastern language. In doing so I will be able to acquire the knowledge required for a successful career in business.

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This personal statement was written by sadsed for application in 2014.

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Haven't seen any other personal statements involving business and eastern language or pretty much any languages so I decided to add mine on here.How I arranged my statement:
1- What/Why You are interested in this course
2-Your current subjects and how they apply to the course
3-Work experience you have had and the benefits of this...relate it to the course and how this has affected what you want to do
4-A personal achievement which shows some good characteristics you have
5-Sum up your application Received offers from all applied courses:
Greenwich university-international business
The University of Essex-Management with Mandarin (with year abroad)
University of Hertfordshire -Business with Eastern Language
University of Hertfordshire-Business/Eastern Language
University of Westminster -International Business (Mandarin Chinese) I hope this helps and that you all get what u want :p


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