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According to the media, the United Kingdom has an extreme lack of female judges. This is made evident by the fact that Baroness Hale is the only woman justice to sit in the Supreme Court. This reality motivates me to embark upon legal study, as strong, able and powerful female.

My desire to study law stems from my fascination with current events. As an avid viewer of the recently concluded murder trial of Oscar Pistorias, I feel very confidently that my aptitude lies in gaining a Bachelor of Laws. Combining with this my obsession of languages and travelling, and the desire to become bilingual sculpts my ideal degree course: law with French.

Having obtained a degree in Law with French, I aspire to pursue a career as an agent of Interpol or a member of the legal department of the European Union.

My year 12 studies have continued to cement my belief that a law degree is the path I wish to follow. Throughout my school years my favourite subjects have been English literature, history and French; hence it was obvious to me that I should continue these subjects to a higher level. Each one has been invaluable in developing my critical and analytical skills, expertise which will aid me to become the best lawyer I can be.

As part of my course for AS English Literature, I was lucky enough to study my favourite novel: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The desire to strive for a goal demonstrated by Gatsby similarly reflects my objective to not give up on attending university, despite aspiring to become the first lawyer in my family. Certain investigative abilities required for an English A level will be extremely advantageous for a challenging degree course such as law.

Throughout my discoveries as a historian, the most captivating topic for me was the case of Dred Scott in 1857. I discovered this event thanks to my studies of the Causes of the American Civil War and it helped to shape my understanding of how the law can be deemed unfair.

The discovery of this landmark decision further sparked my interest into the field of law, and developed my ability to consider both sides of a trial and question a verdict. I have also been fortunate to study the law codes of Napoléon, a topic which fits in perfectly with my hopeful degree course.

The ability to speak more than one language has always been one of my main objectives, partly due to my desire to travel. Becoming bilingual opens many doors and I confidently believe that it is an essential tool in becoming culturally aware and understanding the ways in which a language affects a country.

Learning French has continuously been one of my favourite activities, encouraged by my holidays to Europe with my family. I am extremely fortunate in owning a motorhome, enabling me to discover many European countries, such as Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Outside of my academic life, my love for ballet has never wavered. Since the age of 7 I have I have achieved high marks in Primary to Grade 5 exams with the International Dance Teachers Association, and I am currently working towards achieving my Grade 6 with the Royal Academy of Dance. I also participate in my weekly pointe class, which is a great task to challenge my dedication.

Furthermore, I have performed in various shows across the Midlands such as the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and Symphony Hall. This has helped to boost my confidence and abilities in working as a group with others.

Some of my proudest achievements can be listed; accomplishing the silver Duke of Edinburgh award, the Junior Sports Leader Award, acting as a peer mentor to help combat bullying in school, and finally my work as a junior leader of the English, French and Creative Arts departments at Bridgnorth Endowed School. All of these attainments benefitted me for a number of reasons, primarily raising my confidence and ability to work as a member of a successful team.

To augment my knowledge of the legal profession I attended a ‘Law Courtroom Skills’ master class at Birmingham City University in March 2014. This was an extremely valuable experience as it helped to develop my understanding of a courtroom setting and gave me the opportunity to participate in a role play acting as a magistrate. Moreover, I embarked upon work experience in a local solicitors firm. T

his week was paramount in confirming my interest in the legal system, as I had the chance to work alongside both qualified solicitors and paralegals. This was invaluable in gaining expertise and knowledge of the legal system, and the highlight of my week was being able to independently cross reference a complete Partnership Agreement.

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