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I have always been fascinated by the structures of societies and how their laws are built. Due to the constant changes of the world, the ongoing conflicts, debates, and controversies, these laws are constantly evolving.

To be able to serve the purpose of law, the holder of a legal profession has to be able to understand the diversity of the world. My academic success in a wide range of subjects, work experience and international background highly complement these demands.

At the age of 16 I was granted a placement in International Rotary Youth Exchange Student program. My year in the United States sparked my already existing interest in different social structures and languages. I was actively involved in a German study group, International club and wrote articles in the school newspaper.

My most significant article discussed the legalization of prostitution in the United States. Due to the controversial nature of the topic, I learned the importance of national, cultural, social, and economical contexts that are fundamental to the creation of laws. I have developed the ability to discuss complex concepts with an open mind by viewing them from several perspectives.

Through my extensive experiences in different fields of work I have become aware of several branches of national legislation. As a caretaker I gained close insight into the social rights of an individual as my client was not in a position to protect her legal rights independently. Not only were the laws interesting to me, but also how the interest of the society led to the legislation of distributing the share of collective and private interests to the public.

Working in a family- owned business gave me valuable experience in management and business law. Leadership skills, time management and the ability to make independent decisions were essential in order to complete the job as assisting restaurant manager successfully.

My academic potential has been widely recognised throughout my years of education. During comprehensive school I was presented a stipend in literature three times, and on the final year I was regarded as the best student in school in Civics. I was also recognised in a national Economics Contest in which I analysed the impact on the Finnish economy of Estonia joining the EU.

On the first year of high school I was elected as part of the student board. I was in charge of the development and uphold of the environmental matters in school, and I assisted the vice principal with introducing the school to foreign guests and giving them insights about the excellence of the Finnish school system.

Since I was captivated by international human rights issues, I joined Amnesty International and the Committee of Hundred and I have closely followed human rights matters. I have given my time to attending meetings and rallies.

The German language and culture have always been a great interest of mine. During the third grade I started A-level German and in addition to that I attended optional B- level German classes in secondary school. In the United States I studied advanced German and participated in a local advanced German Contest placing first in translation, second in conversation, second in prose and third in spelling.

Last August I came to live in Munich and here I have had excellent opportunities to improve my German skills and to observe the society and culture.

As an extracurricular activity I practiced dog training and volunteered as an assistant in certified search and rescue tests for dogs in the Espoo Search and Rescue Dog Association. I also instructed competition obedience in two other organisations and as an intern in private sector organisation.

I am confident that I meet the requirements of the LLB Law and German program and I am looking forward to the challenges of academic life.

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break this into samller chunks so it is easier to read. but the information in it is very good.

Thank you for your comment:)

Thank you for your comment:) Paragraphs fixed!

If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, what were you predicted? I really want to attend Cardiff but I'm afraid they'll reject me as I fall a little short of their specified entry requirements. :(

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