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As an aspiring Army Officer and fluent French speaker, my interests in a degree in Politics and French are backed up by a highly tuned knowledge in both subjects; I spent my early teens living in France where I developed my French to a bilingual standard and I also began to harbour an interest in the way the world is run.

This interest was awakened for the first time during the 2002 French presidential race, in which Jean-Marie Le Pen proceeded to the second round of the election. The images of the French people turning out en masse to demonstrate in objection took my interest enormously; I became intrigued by their motives and the political process in general.

Perhaps because for the first time politics was being forced upon me due to the consequences the election of Le Pen would carry for a foreign family living in France.

During my time there I participated in the political process at a low level through my membership of the School council where I had frequent contact with the town mayor and other political figures. In the three years of my membership I took part in key debates and once participated in the ballot to expel a peer.

Since beginning my AS course in Government and Politics I have become increasingly aware of the UK and US political scene. I watch BBC parliament for key debates and PM questions, I also read the broadsheet press and have joined a political party, all of which I hope will increase my knowledge and understanding of the subject.

A degree in these diverse and challenging subjects reflects my career ambition after my army service that is to enter politics at a local or even national level as a member of the Labour party. I hope to help it progress by providing a perspective, as an ex serviceman, that is rare in the party.

Living back in the UK my interest in politics continued to grow along side my passion for the French language. I sat my A level French along side my GCSEs for which I received a letter of congratulations on being in the top 5 candidates in the country (out of nearly 4000 entries) from the director of the AQA exam board.

My French skills have also served me in practice perhaps most notably in July '07 when I took part in the ascent of Mount Toubkal in Morocco. I acted at the time as translator for my group, providing a vital link between our guide and my fellow hikers.

Upon completion of my GCSEs I joined Welbeck Defence 6th Form College; a residential college specialising in preparation for entry into the technical corps of the Armed Forces.

To win my place at the College I had to pass through the Army's Officer Selection Board an intensive 2 day assessment of my potential as a future Army Officer including physical, mental and leadership tasks. I enjoyed the advanced start to my military career which Welbeck provided, along with the leadership challenges, high fitness regime and the independence of living away from home.

I however did find the very strong focus on preparation for purely technical subjects was restrictive to me and so after completing my AS levels I left the College to broaden my studies in preparation for my future study of Politics.

My interest in army life has not ended with my association with Welbeck. I have since joined the TA where I have been earmarked to continue training as an officer and perhaps progress to Sandhurst within the year, to become one of the youngest serving officers in the British Army.

While the double commitment of College and the TA has proved challenging, I have risen to it; teaching me the importance of good time management.

It has also given me the opportunity to become more financially independent and in the long run it will also yield a wealth of new qualifications and experiences.

In the spare time I have retained after my commitments I enjoy a lively social life including numerous sporting activities such as competing at County level in Athletics and Rugby. I'm confident I will contribute enormously to university life.

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This personal statement was written by toonfrance for application in 2008.

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Some of the universities i have applied to don't offer 'French and Politics' as a single degree and therefore i have been forced to apply to combine honours degrees. i am worried this statement wont appeal to admissions tutors at those universities that only offer combined honours. Or is it clear to all the tutors that i intend to study politics and French no matter what the format?


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I think your intro and middle

I think your intro and middle sections are very good but in contrast you have a very weak conclusion... perhaps that should be stronger because thats what the admissions guy will remember


Awesome blog post.Really thank you!

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