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As a child, I was always intrigued by the idea that other worlds could be held between the covers of a book, providing insight into cultures, times and societies that would otherwise be foreign to us.

Continued study of English Literature through to 'A' level has broadened my understanding and enjoyment of literature, greatly improving my ability to read analytically and critically.

Reading more advanced works in high school, I've found that a truly great piece of literature contains the essence of the writer: their thoughts and beliefs, which, in turn inspire our own.

Studying the likes of Wordsworth and Blake, and modern poets such as Carol Ann Duffy, showed me that, whilst it is difficult, this can still be achieved through the medium of poetry, strengthening my resolve to improve my own creative writing skills at university.

Among my favourite texts are 'To Kill A Mockingbird', Steinbeck's 'East of Eden', Orwell's '1984' and Shelley's 'Frankenstein'. I enjoy these, not only because they are amazingly thought-provoking and intellectually challenging, but they provide fascinating insights into the complexities of human behaviour: a subject in which I'm particularly interested.

Studying Psychology at 'A' level has allowed me to develop that interest into a deeper, more scientific understanding, whilst improving my ability to learn vast amounts of factual information.

Visiting the theatre as a child developed my interest in drama. My courses at college allowed me to broaden my studies and interests, studying Pinter and the Theatre of the Absurd, and more recently studying the works of Federico García Lorca in Spanish, specifically, 'La Casa de Bernarda Alba'.

Choosing to study these subjects at 'A' level was not difficult: I welcomed any subject that allowed me to read and express my ideas and opinions on what I read.

Not only has Spanish provided me with the ability to express myself in another language, it has also introduced me to a wider range of literature and allowed me to study Spanish works uninhibited by language barriers.

Furthermore, it introduced me to political, and environmental topics which are culturally relevant and it's because of this that learning Spanish at 'A' Level has been particularly rewarding and enjoyable.

Studying Spanish for the last five years has taught me that knowing a second language is invaluable, and this inspired me to take Italian as a joint degree.

I feel that learning a third language would be a great asset in the world of employment, and I have always had a particular interest in Italy, as it’s architectural, cultural and religious background have made it one of the most unique countries in Europe. However, not being taught in schools, and not having sufficient resources to teach myself the language, now would be the best opportunity to learn.

I particularly enjoyed studying the cultural topics of the Spanish A2 course, and hope to study similar topics in Italian as they combine well with English Literature. I also enjoyed the environmental topics as it's something that's very controversial, as well as relevant.

The opportunity to spend time in Madrid allowed me to experience first hand the differences in social and political constructs, and immerse myself in another culture. The option to study abroad also influenced my decision to take Italian, as it meant that I could experience the culture first hand.

Outside of college, I have been practising karate for the last six years, which has improved my focus and my ability to work independently when required; however playing on the school netball team for three years and work experience at the local school have allowed me to participate as an active and trustworthy team member.

Although I have studied Spanish for the last five years, I have more recently decided to learn the basics of Latin and Ancient Greek, something I believe will become useful when studying classical forms of literature at university.

Since ten, I've held the idea that I will pursue a career in journalism, however I have recently developed an interest in publishing, and feel that a degree in English literature would be highly beneficial to either.

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