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As a mature student I faced different challenges from my peers. I have been self-financing, paying for my rent, food and necessities while managing work and studying on a full-time course. I sought my independence during the summer of my GCSE results and at the age of 16 began to work full-time in an office with real responsibilities. Since then I have grown from strength to strength in my working life taking the role of a learning professional and demonstrating a desire to attain a diverse range of working experience. In pursuit of this desire to expand, I have been employed in banking (Barclays), private pensions (JLT), the public sector (DSA and Companies House) and voluntary work with the mentally disabled (Vision21). My personal ambition and desire for knowledge has brought me back to the educational system.

My A level course began in September 2009 at Coleg Gwent, Newport. Initially I only studied A levels to increase my employability. However since studying I have rediscovered the enjoyment of English Literature and surprised myself, family and close friends at the quality of positive feedback received from submitted essays. Without discussing my working roles in detail, a dominant factor was to analyse, critique and adapt on a number of levels. This included reading and writing letters, receiving and conveying complex messages to other professionals via telephone or email and judging working situations with an array of different people (financial intermediaries, clientèle, colleagues, managers or large parties). Since then I have gained confidence in delivering and managing time effectively. Like most who apply for English Literature, I am an avid reader and revel in anything which is stretching, evocative and constructive. I feel these factors are the foundation to my success in A level English Literature and strongly correlate to my initial desire for broader working roles. After going to many mock-lectures and talks at open days during the summer and recent months I am utterly enthused to continue my success onto an undergraduate course at your University.
Since studying at Coleg Gwent I have explored areas of English I had not had the opportunity to think about before, most prominently in Creative Writing. I have been fascinated by the authors I follow (Nick Hornby, Stephen Lawhead and Chuck Palahniuk) who seem to control and emulate my feelings and evoke so much from me, not necessarily in similar genres but plays, poetry and short dialogue. To produce Creative Writing is to understand people - a flood of complex emotions triggered by the smallest sentence or even a singular word, a title can speak for a whole story. From what I have produced during my course I feel I can potentially grasp this skill but not without your help and a higher education. My focus is set on English Literature.

Fortunately I am not all work; I actively participate in a Christian book-club every Tuesday evening which offers a theological spectrum to my study of literature. Monday evenings I play in a competitive seven a side football team, either playing with friends or in arranged matches and occasionally play eleven a side football. More recently I have begun jogging in groups on Saturday and Sunday evenings in order to increase my agility and endurance to get more out of my football. I am also an avid gamer which is somewhat complemented by my touch typing ability gained at work. I cycle everywhere, to work, college and occasionally
even Cardiff to see my family. However for the most enjoyment I lose a wheel and can often be found uni-cycling in skate parks around Newport or the centre. When it is dark I also play with poi and flower sticks on fire which if used fast enough or caught with a slow camera shutter speed, can be extremely exciting. I have a portfolio of material that I would be happy to send you which incorporates written and drawn works completed in my free time.

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This personal statement was written by Erup for application in 2011.

Erup's Comments

Hello! I have whittled it down to two Universities; Bangor as my firm and Aberystwyth as my security. When submitting this I felt it was a genuine attempt at the personal statement and recieved a relatively good reception from Universities. I recieved a letter recently from Bangor University acknowleging me having gained their entrance scholarship which sealed the deal for me.
I am taking Maths, English Lit and History at College and truth be told it is an absolute miracle I am making it to Uni - I have been so lazy.
Predicted -

A English Lit
C History
C Mathematics

Not fantastic!

Thanks for reading, hope it helps,


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