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“I cannot live without my life, I cannot live without my soul.”

Although I have always enjoyed reading, it was when my Grandmother first handed me her battered, but much loved, copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’, and I was pulled into the tragic love story of Cathy and Heathcliff, that I fell in love with the written word. I became entranced with the way in which an author could evoke such powerful emotions with words alone, and how I could submerse myself in a whole new world; one day I could be roaming the Yorkshire moors, the wind biting at my skin, and the next I could be trekking through Middle-Earth, weary and battle scarred. As I grew, so did my love for literature, and whilst most books could not compete with the adoration I have for ‘Wuthering Heights’, the work of Edgar Allan Poe and Vladimir Nabokov also became firm favourites. ‘Lolita’, in particular, earned a special place in my heart. I was both appalled and oddly mesmerised by the actions of the narrator, Humbert, and could not help but admire the beautiful, lyrical manner in which it was written.

Novels, poetry and plays fascinate me, and I find myself compelled to read and write as much as I possibly can. Christmas’s became increasingly easier for family and friends, as whenever they were stuck for ideas, book vouchers were a logical (and welcomed) solution. My bedroom began to look more like a library and, as such, it was only natural that English became my favourite subject in school, and one which I enjoyed –and still enjoy – immensely. Quickly becoming an important aspect of my education, I have willingly taken part in extracurricular activities. I have written several articles for the school’s online newspaper, and hope to become part of the school’s attachment scheme. Therefore, it was only logical that I would decide to pursue a career in English, and hope to study it in further education. I can imagine nothing greater than working and studying within an environment where I can share my adoration for the written word, and look forward to meeting and working with others who also share my enthusiasm.

I have a keen interest in helping those in need, and enjoy volunteer work. Most recently, I have volunteered both at a local veterinary centre and for the mental health charity MIND. Both of these experiences provided brilliant opportunities not only to help others, but to further my social skills. As well as this I have a passion for long distance running, which has allowed me to run the Race For Life, raising money for cancer research. I was also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to help build the central float for a local festival, and along with four other students from my school, we were able to create a huge phoenix, which was photographed in the local newspaper. Although I had to work long hours in preparation for this event, I revelled in the ability to work within a group and develop my personal skills. I also gained the satisfaction of knowing that all our hard work produced something not only beautiful, but something that the community could enjoy.

I try to maintain a healthy balance between my academic studies and my leisure time, and I have a wide range of interests. Although I adore art in general, I am a huge fan of surrealism, specifically Salvador Dali, who’s bizarre and breathtaking work fascinates me. I also enjoy watching sports, including boxing, football, rugby and darts. Another of my interests is the study ancient civilisations, such as the Egyptians and Mayans, particularly their prophecies and predictions, and the way these predictions still have influence over modern day society.

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This personal statement was written by Mynsii for application in 2012.

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Bath Spa University College
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University of Glamorgan

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