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"We accept the love we think we deserve", a powerful, thought provoking quotation from 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower': an epistolary novel, by Stephen Chbosky and my favourite piece of literary work. This quote best represents the novel as it is about the way we interact and respond to people; it influences me every day. This beautifully written piece was truly captured in the film adaptation, because, in my opinion it was also directed by the author; I am captivated by how the author can create a storyline that speaks directly to people's experience of life and make such an impact on how the reader can then see the world. The American television drama 'One Tree Hill' by Mark Schwahn, also demonstrates my passion for the convergence of Literature and Media. During each episode Schwahn portrays many inspiring, memorable quotes through the use of character voice-overs, to create meanings and be used as a coping mechanism when the characters and the audience are faced with troubling times. Literature and Media give people the opportunity to create a world away from their own; people of all ages, talents and walks of life; they can reach everyone. They affect people's day-to-day lives. With Media becoming more significant in our changing world, News can instantly be dispersed through the use of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites and forms of communication are creating a whole new debate about the English language and the development of 'text speak' is challenging people's views. I would like to be a part of this influential world, giving people the information and allowing them to create their own ideas. I have already tried to use networking sites to improve people's lives is by helping students link their sixth form email account to phones and I am also responsible for the Student Leader Team's Twitter account. I have established a successful Film Club in Sixth Form, which enables students to relax and meet people with similar interests. This has proven to be an excellent way of widening our experiences, recommended films may be ones we had never considered viewing before and the club gives an opportunity to discuss our reactions and share each other's passion for film. At a local primary school I regularly teach Literacy to small groups of students in Years 5 - 6, co-teaching lessons as well as creating and adapting lesson plans that best fit different learning styles. I participate in our School's 'Reading Challenge', to increase the reading age of students in Years 7-8. I listen to students read, set tasks to encourage students to read more regularly and to tackle a more varied diet of texts to be completed for homework; I have had to use my initiative when being challenged with students who did not like to read books by finding alternative reading material that interlinked with their interests. Being able to share my love of English with others and inspire them to succeed has been rewarding. In Sixth Form I have taken part in many activities that have been challenging, fun and helped me gain confidence. I am a member of the Student Leader Team and have represented the Sixth Form at many events; Open Evenings, attending Governors' meetings and helping with Performing Arts evenings. This year I filmed the production of Grease from both within a projection room and near to the stage, filming close-ups to be used as intercuts. Studying at a higher level will give me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the subjects that I enjoy; allowing me to develop a much deeper awareness of how authors create their effects, and to develop the critical skill of analysis. These skills would give me an ideal grounding to eventually become a teacher, and enable me to develop my love and enthusiasm for a wide variety of texts, opening doors to ideas and places I may not previously have considered.

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