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Books inspire me to embrace the freedom of my imagination. I have been an avid reader of a wide range of fiction since childhood. I remember being captivated by Dahl's 'James And The Giant Peach', I was right there with little James Trotter when he spilled the bag of magic, glowing crocodile tongues on the barren peach tree. I now have the privilege of reading such classic children's books to my little girl. I find myself enchanted all over again. I have always been a writer, from scribbling short stories in a scrapbook to jotting down my everyday thoughts in a journal. It was only when I first started reading to my little girl that it occurred to me just how much I want to be a part of creating something as wonderful as books.

My love of the arts has encouraged me to be creative in everything I do. I have been painting since I discovered how to hold a paintbrush and I am now thrilled to be able to create wonderful pieces of art with my little girl. Photography, like writing, is a significant part of who I am. Never without my camera, I love to take pictures of everything from the expression that emerges across my little girls face as she tentatively touches fresh snow, to the beautiful landscape that such snowfall creates. In addition to my written journals, I delight in creating photo journals that portray the quintessential moments of my life. Playing the cornet provides me with a platform to express my creativity through music. As a cornet player I have participated in plentiful brass band concerts and contests alike, which I feel have helped develop my confidence as both an artist and individual.

Psychology has forever fascinated me. My first degree in Psychology provided me with the opportunity to take my passion for research and reading to another level. I approached the study of psychological theories with great enthusiasm. Flicking through pages of Piaget's 'Four Stage Theory Of Child Development', I found myself carefully considering every word. As a psychology student I was encouraged to be my own thinker, to grasp the theories I studied and to develop my own critical analysis of these theories. As an admirer of language I jumped at the chance to further develop my understanding of French. Electing to take a gap year and study in France I unequivocally engaged myself into the language and can now speak it fluently with confidence.

As a graduate I purposely decided to take the Pre Entry Certificate at Strathclyde University. I am delighted I did. Studying English at Strathclyde has reacquainted me with Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce et Decorum Est' and Shakespeare's 'Shall I compare they to a summer's day?' reaffirming my ambition to become a successful writer. I have always admired the works of Shakespeare, 'Twelfth Night' enchanted me from the opening Act.

One of my biggest personal accomplishments was crossing the finish line of the BUPA Great North Run. Running requires great discipline and self motivation. As a runner I am certain I can apply such qualities to the study of English.

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