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It seems that the greatest situational irony is encountered in life itself. For this reason I chose to study English Literature. Language is ceaseless and boundless and its only limits stem from the conscious decisions of the author, hence, every literary device and subtle inference is valid.

All the artist begins with is an idea, from which everything else blossoms; the idea is nurtured and cared for, context is applied, structure is refined, vocabulary perfected and the masterpiece is born.

I want to study English because it enables me to express my individual creativity, and hence, pursuing a career in this field will enable me to shape and mould my own writing style, while learning from inspirational writers. To prepare myself for the intensity of university I chose to take English at IB which helped to develop my analytical skills and to learn to appreciate the technical side to writing.

Now, I am eager to learn as my development has nowhere near ended, in fact, I have only scratched the surface of the writer I know I can be.

From what I have read I find texts of a mystical dystopian nature particularly compelling. For instance, Huxley in Brave New World depicts a breakdown of social norms through a society that is glazed by a panorama of success and is consumed with achieving the the ‘perfect’ hierarchy, yet, this façade is broken to reveal a tyrannical technological civilization that envisages a world terrifyingly close to our own.

Similar themes are utilised by Bulgakov in the Russian dystopia of The Master and Margarita. His use of literary devices such as mystical imagery and magical realism subtly communicate to the reader the author's satirical remarks that expose the intentions of the corrupt Soviet regime. I was enthused by these two texts and, hence, decided to write my IB Extended Essay on them.

In addition, I enjoy analyzing novels thematically. Orwell's collection of essays depicts his conflicted writing style, as he is simultaneously both patriotic to the British tradition, and opposed to it.

Orwell's uncovering of a falsified British glory, correlates with Fitzgerald's disillusionment with the American Dream in The Great Gatsby. Furthermore, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness can be also be compared to Orwell's Shooting an Elephant.

Both battle with British imperialism, and the falsified power that the Empire possessed, similarly, they argue that the superior 'civilized white man' dominated the natives apathetically and brutally, thus, dissolving the pretense of imperial glory.

Also, I believe that the study of psychology has helped me to develop key evaluative and analytical skills that correspond with the skills used when studying English Literature. Thus, I believe that the fusion of linguistic subjectivity of English and scientific objectivity of psychology merge together seamlessly.

Freudian psychoanalysis commenced an era of psychological discovery, however, it is still an ever growing, developing art form. Skinner's operational conditioning was another leap for mankind. Skinner let us discover how world dictators could indoctrinate and manipulate generations into submission.

Recently, in my sixth form we spent months of meticulous planning and fundraising with the aim to organise an evening of entertainment for the local elderly, the evening itself was an inspiring experience because I learned to put aside any preconceptions that I may have had, and understand that people of all ages are important.

These experiences will help me to cope with the pressure of university and to dedicate myself to my studies by being a leader, a team member, as well as an independent learner. University will be a new and exciting adventure that I am more than ready to face.

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I have submitted my UCAS, but I am worried and don't know if my personal statement is any good, would love some feed back :)


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