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Trying to find your own path in life is not an easy feat. Looking back, I can say that I have unconsciously found mine in the 5th grade. Although it may seem atypical, I discovered my attraction to the East-Asian world by chance, when I stumbled across an episode from the Japanese “anime Inuyasha”, which intrigued me and motivated me to delve further into that unknown territory. A new perspective towards a world that fascinated me was now unlocked!

Since then, my passion for the Orient started to infiltrate itself into my daily activities. From reading James Clavell’s “Asian Saga”, to discovering writers such as Eiji Yoshikawa, Yasunari Kawabata and Haruki Murakami, I slowly acquired fresh notions. Schoolwork has also benefitted from my new interest as I was able to produce more complex essays by integrating eastern motifs into Romanian writings. One of my pastimes, painting, has undergone various changes due to my interest for the East: the themes, the colours, the ideas were inspired from what I had found out. Also, practicing karate has taught me what sacrifice, patience, perseverance and the oriental spirit of a fighter mean. Little by little this childlike curiosity has bloomed into actual thirst for knowledge, into the desire of meeting the people, of speaking their language and understanding their customs. Realizing this, what is there more to do besides grabbing this fantastic opportunity your university offers and studying East-Asian cultures and the way their ancestral traditions merge with the modern tendencies? Because after finishing my studies I hope to be one of the people who nurture the connection between Europe and Asia.

Both my school-related travels such as: staying at a Turkish family for a week through the Comenius programme, partaking with my theatre group in the finals of the World Festival of Creativity in Schools in San Remo, Italy and volunteering alongside a group of American students to work on a Roman site, as well as my family trips to many foreign countries have allowed me to interact with people of diverse nationalities and beliefs. Cross cultural communication has not only made me aware of the finesse needed when speaking even the same language but has also strengthened my aspiration of being one of the people who builds a bridge between civilizations.

I am innovative, diligent and ambitious; a perfectionist: an attribute to be seen as a virtue not a vice. My projects speak of me. They bear my essence and dedication, because once I start doing something, I grow to love it. My GPAs have always been of the highest value: 9.77, 9.88, 9.97 and I am positive that I will achieve a 10 in the senior year.

I am aware of the level of difficulty posed by the study of such exciting languages; however I have always had an affinity towards idioms, having studied Romanian, English, German and Latin in school. Also, my curiosity has led me towards beginning to study Spanish and Japanese by myself; hence I am confident that I will master such an idiosyncratic language. The National English and History Olympiads, the Scientific Communication Sessions and a 2nd place at the national stage of the Public Speaking contest have undoubtedly strengthened my character, have liberated me of any fear in connection to appearing in front of an audience and have, in addition pervaded me with tenacity.
Why have I decided to apply into the United Kingdom? That is because the finest universities are there! I realise that studying in that environment, I will certainly have numerous possibilities and I wish from the bottom of my heart to make the best out of them. Coming into contact with eminent teachers, having access to the top libraries, being able to further my studies are all factors which, along with my character, will assist me in becoming a more independent thinker and a successful person.

Owing to all the reasons above I consider myself a worthy candidate and I hope to be given the chance to demonstrate all these.

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This personal statement was written by pebbleblu for application in 2011.

Japanese at Oxford University

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Well, I tried my best, I still feel content with it and I suppose others like it as well, seeing as it got me an interview and ultimately a place at Oxford University. :) I really do hope it could help others form a general idea on how a statement on such a subject should look like. I also have to thank another japanese personal statement-sharer. His/her letter was truly useful and it gave me a starting point. Hope mine will do the same for someone!


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wow! Every personal statement

wow! Every personal statement I read for Japanese studies terrifies me a little more. I will be reading more works by Japanese authors from now on! :) Thanks so much for putting this up!

Thank you very much! Hope it

Thank you very much! Hope it helped!


A round of applause for your article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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