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Whilst English is spoken worldwide as a first, second and even third language, it is surprising how few people from the UK speak a second language. I have always been fascinated by the transformation of language and where a word originated from. In my opinion, language is crucial to discovering the history of a country. My interest in the Spanish language, particularly, has stemmed from studying the subject earlier in my school career. Personally, I feel that the ability to converse in a different language is essential because it helps us to understand the culture of other countries. For me, learning a language is not just learning vocabulary and grammar - it is the key to understanding a culture which is a world apart from our own. Furthermore, languages give us the ability to communicate with a wider range of people in both business and social aspects of life. It has always been a dream of mine to travel, and the fact that I can speak another language gives me the ability to do this without limitation. I hope that by combining Spanish with an education subject, such as TESOL or Education Studies, I can share my passion for language with others.
For my A Level courses, I chose to take a diverse range of subjects, including Spanish, Mathematics and Chemistry. In Spanish lessons, my peers and I often work in groups to translate passages of text or to pool our knowledge in tasks set by the teacher. In addition, I spend an hour every fortnight with a language assistant hired by the school who is a native speaker of the Spanish language. The time I spend with the language assistant helps me to develop my conversational skills, as well as improving my grammar and pronunciation of the language. Studying Mathematics and Chemistry has enhanced my ability to analyse problems and work through them logically and methodically.
Outside of school, I am involved in many different events, both for charity and for the benefit of the community. One event in which I have taken part is Slum Survivor. A group of friends and I built our own temporary settlement in the car park of our church using cardboard boxes and tarpaulins. We slept in this settlement for a weekend, ate a limited diet and undertook some of the work which children worldwide have to face. By doing this, we raised a considerable amount of money through donations given by members of the church. Through taking part in this event, I have become more aware of the struggles faced daily by millions of people and my awareness of today’s society and global issues has been dramatically increased.
I also play an important role in running the Holiday Clubs at my church. These are run biannually, at Easter and in the summer, and through helping with the organization of these clubs I have improved a lot of vital skills. I have gained experience of leadership through running the games section of the club and leading a group of children with a friend. We are responsible for organising games for the children to play, which has helped to nurture my creativity and improve my organisational skills. Moreover, my teamwork and communication skills have been developed because I work closely with the other leaders - it is imperative that we communicate with one another in order that everything runs smoothly. Moreover, my interpersonal skills have been further developed due to working closely with the children and the other leaders./
Through this course, I hope to learn more about the Spanish language whilst unlocking further information about the culture and history of the country, as well as sharing my love of languages with others. Spanish is the subject that has captured my heart and my passion, and I am very much looking forward to the challenges that university many bring for me.

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This is just the first draft of my personal statement - I was hoping someone could possibly give some advice on what's good/not so good? Thanks.


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