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Completing a week of work experience in a Breton primary school in March 2003 cemeted in my mind the decision to study French at university. Whilst staying in the Moulin de Kerguoal with an English/French husband and wife team with their bilingual adult children, I realised how strong French family ties can be, which fuelled my research into 'the family in France' for my A-S French Oral. My knowledge of Sociology [one of my other a-level subjects] helped me to analyse the trends and statistics of subjects such as teenage pregnancy rates in France, which, partly due to the family, is one of the lowest in Europe. Through my research, I was able to discover more about French society and culture. Attending a morning of sessions at school devoted to these particular subjects and introducing the French political system, further developed my interest. The Channel 4 documentary 'A French Affair' showed how a mayoral election took hold of the small village of Curtil-Vergy which also encouraged this.

At Presdales [my secondary school], I led sixteen Year 7 students around there Intensive French Day. This included cheese tasting and ordering food in a cafe, which refreshed my memory and filled me with a fascination and a passion for all things French. Studying Begag's 'Le Gone du Chaaba' [my a-level set text] led to a new interest for modern French literature, and as part of my school's reading scheme, I have also encountered some of Sempe-Goscinny's Petit Nicolas series, Sagan's 'Bonjour Tristesse' and am looking forward to Camus' 'L'etranger'. [sorry, can't be bothered to put all the accents in!]

Apart from a passion for French, my other love is Music. Thaking part in numerous activities has given me many opportunities both from a playing and business point of view, including decision making and organising individuals within a team. Managing my own string quartet, 4 Square Strings, for nearly three years now, has not only been a money-spinner for all involved, but has also enabled me to sample my chosen career path. We have played at numerous functions, such as weddings and balls, the most recent of which have been the University of Hertfordshire's Vice-Chancellor's leaving dinner and the Sing Tao (a Chinese daily newspaper) British opening reception. I have also taken on the role of business and finance manager liaising with both clients and the bank. In addition to this, through my own contacts in the classical music industry, I spent a day at the Maida Vale studios in London, watching the BBC Symphony Orchestra of the best days of my life to date.

At school, I lead the orchestra, sing in both the senior and chamber choirs, accompany and direct the junior choir and coach a string quartet. Outside this, I co-lead North Herts Youth Orchestra, am a senior player at North Herts Saturday Morning Music School and am a member of the Herts County Youth Orchestra and the Philharmonic at the University of Herts. In the 2001-02 season, I was appointed leader of the Herts Schools' Symphony Orchestra.

I also utilise my musical talents within my local community, regularly playing the piano in a small but friendly community church in my area and the organ in the parish church of St.Andrew and St.George, Stevenage. From this church came SCAMP - Stevenage Community Arts and Music Project, which runs in February half term week. My involvement in this has steadily increased from simply playing in the band to taking rehearsals, judging the colouring competition and doing playground duty.

I have found that these activited have made me a very self-motivated person with a breadth of interests and I cannot wait to get immersed in my degree course.

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Great statement. Well written

Great statement. Well written, and well worded.

However, it tends to focus more on the Music than the french, which brings to question whether this person wanted to do french or music?

what a joke. pretty

what a joke. pretty entertaining stuff...lots of spelling and grammatical errors. Your website says try not to be funny, but this person has put an aside in brackets!

what is with all the rubbish

what is with all the rubbish spelling? surely this can't have been submitted like it is at the moment! shame on you

Don't complain about poor

Don't complain about poor spelling when you use 'rubbish' as an adjective. It displays an impressive array of achievements in a well-worded manner.

I stayed at the Moulin de

I stayed at the Moulin de Kerguoal to do work experience this year aswell! alan and helene are so nice!

is it meant to be funny when

is it meant to be funny when you say you can't be bothered to put in the accents?! all you need to is press "alt gr" and "e" for the first "e" in l'étranger... makes you look pretty incompetent really.


It's worth pointing out that (at least when I last checked) the Ucas online application system can't accept special characters like é and they get converted into bog standard English - there's also issues with quote characters and things.

Hopefully Ucas have got around to fixing this since I last looked at their online system.

writing my own now and found

writing my own now and found this to be a good example but im guessing the Uni people weren't too pleased with the silly spelling mistakes

There are many basic grammar

There are many basic grammar mistakes, as well as loads of words that have been thrown in to make it sound clever when in fact they don't really make sense.
If you don't want to get in then yes, use this as an exmaple!

I studied French at

I studied French at university. From what I've learnt, refusing to put accents in your french words would annoy the hell out of some tutors. You may as well bring a blackboard to your interview and drag your fingernails down it.

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