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From an early age I have felt an attraction to learning languages and a strong desire to travel the world, expanding my knowledge of other communities. I am fortunate to have spent holidays in a small town in France where I've been fascinated by cultural and geographical differences, from the routines of daily life to the workings of businesses and economies where small family run firms are still prosperous.

Although the Spanish language has been challenging, I have embraced learning it as a lifetime commitment. By reading books, watching television and conversing with Spanish speakers I have developed my language skills and vocabulary. By taking part in a foreign language exchange to Santiago de Compostela and study course to Madrid, I have experienced life abroad, and had the opportunity to develop my language skills, especially speaking. I have also enjoyed reading early literature, such as Jarchas and ballads, and seeing how the Spanish language has developed as well as learning about the rich and diverse cultural history and impact of the Muslim rule on Spanish culture.

During work experience with Active Rights Management Ltd I experienced how an international business operates by contributing to international conference calls, organising legal scripts and watching how investment can lead to increased profits. After being selected to attend an international trip to Iceland, I was excited by the idea of seeing the geographical marvels. However, we each had to fundraise GBP1000, making me realise the importance of money. To better my understanding of money, I read 'What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets' by Michael J. Sandel. This taught me that money is vital to getting what you want but made me consider whether the pursuit of money is morally acceptable and to what extent it should be tolerated.

For community service in the 6th form, I dedicated an hour a week to aiding pupils in the English as an Additional Language department of a secondary school in Oxford, working with two Syrian students who spoke little English. This was an eye-opening experience as I was able to witness first-hand how arduous a language barrier can make success in school, despite the students' enthusiasm. This led me to complete an extended research project entitled 'How does our society, in the UK, affect the learning of modern foreign languages?' I researched why language learning is valuable to individuals and economies, exploring how governments intervene to help correct the factors that hinder acquisition.

Being a part of Girlguiding for over 10 years, I have gained leadership skills by volunteering with a Brownie group where my dedication was recognised as I was awarded the President's Award. Young Enterprise and the National Citizen Service taught me the value of teamwork by working with young adults from diverse backgrounds and developing new and existing skills. I have also pursued various extra-curricular activities such as hockey, badminton, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Sports Leader Qualification and music, teaching me valuable skills of time management and perseverance. As a member of the New Era Drama Academy I have taken grades 1 to 8 in individual and group devised drama. Besides acting I have been part of the Stage Management crew for school productions, such as Cabaret, improving my organisation and problem solving skills, which I would like to make a lifelong hobby.

Joining the Economics and Geography societies at school has deepened my understanding of the subjects beyond the syllabus. Studying Geography, I have especially enjoyed the human modules, by learning more about contrasts between countries' approaches to management. Together with Economics this has increased my understanding of global markets. I believe that by studying at degree level I will develop my passion for my chosen subjects whilst taking on more responsibility and preparing myself for the competitive world of work.

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I applied for different courses at different places hence why my PS talks about a lot.

University of Exeter -- Combined Honours
University of Leeds -- Spanish and Geography, Spanish and Management
Newcastle University -- Combined Honours
University of Bath -- International Management with Modern Languages (Spanish)

I've received all offers except Exeter atm which is my 1st choice so hopefully will get it soon!!


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