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I am a versatile individual with a passion and flair for both Languages and Maths. I am applying to a variety of courses to pursue my combined interest.

My love for languages began when I moved to Switzerland in 2006. Initially having only knowledge of basic German, I was soon moved out of the foreign language class and into the local school to study mainstream subjects with my native-speaking peers.

I became more conscious of how languages entwine, and it is this aspect in particular - the resonances between languages with similar origins - that continues to engross me. A week spent at an Interpretation company was fascinating; further enforcing how vital this bridge of communication is.

Languages allow me to pursue interests in literature, film, travel and culture which I find equally important. I enjoy the challenge of reading in other languages, particularly, "Der Besuch der alten Dame" and "L'etranger", which I found very thought provoking. I adore French cinema; some favourites being "Les Choristes", "Jean de Florette" and "Au revoir les enfants."

Unfortunately I was unable to continue Spanish at school however it has inspired me to want to learn Italian because of its strong connections with French and Spanish. I find Italian beautiful and it would allow me to explore Italy, a country I have loved since visiting.

Out with academia, I attend Mandarin classes and have done so for the past three years. I find Mandarin enthralling as it differs considerable to anything I have learnt before; whereas French captivates me through the delicate spelling, the tranquil tones and the format of the grammar; Mandarin impresses me particularly through its logical structure and the complex, descriptive characters.

The appeal of the logic is why Maths intrigues me, as although each separate technique can be quite straightforward, when you integrate techniques they provide a challenge that enthrals
me. There is always something new to learn and discover, and I could hardly wait for Advanced Higher Maths, when I would finally be able to take the square root of a negative number!

Mathematics is a large part of my life, and in addition to my studies, I volunteer during classes in the Maths department and I took the initiative to organise a Maths Help club which
provides tuition and support for others.

Last Summer I was fortunate to be able to volunteer in India. Whilst there, I trekked in the Western Ghats, helped renovate two local schools, taught English and explored Indian culture. The experience reinforced my leadership, financial and organisational skills.

To fund the expedition, I successfully raised over GBP3500 through events I organised myself such as a Summer Fair and a sponsored teacher's cat-walk. I began my own business, making soaps and selling them at craft fairs. In February I will be volunteering in South Africa, aiding the

Umthombo street-children's project and looking after AIDS orphans. I have recently started volunteering at an Oxfam shop as I am passionate about their work. I love being responsible for the social integration of a new pupil and being part of the School's Music, Events and Yearbook committees. I recently organised a ceilidh raising funds for a South African project and a Fancy Dress party for S1s.

These are time consuming however immensely satisfying, because of the end results and the opportunities for teamwork.

Recently I have taken a First Aid course, and will be volunteering for the St Andrew's Ambulance Association in 2012. I enjoy playing the flute, and will be sitting my Grade 8 exam this March, as well as being a member of a Flute Choir.

I am looking forward to the challenges of university, and to the opportunities to become involved in different aspects of the student body. I believe that I have the dedication to succeed academically at the highest level, allowing me to develop my knowledge and experience in order to progress into a rewarding future suited to my skills and talents.

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This personal statement was written by CatrionaScott for application in 2012.

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The University of Edinburgh
Cambridge University
Queen's University Belfast
University of St Andrews

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