Law and International Relations Personal Statement Example 3

Our entire system is based on law, making it the essential foundation of stability in societies; the emergence of UN, NATO, and EU made the world more cordial. International cooperation is one of the chief elements of the functionality of the modern world; thus a combination of law and foreign affairs is the base of international prosperity.

Nations conjoin in the wake of a tragedy; since World War II the world is based upon international cooperation as it ever was. It can be maintained without other calamities and used to prevent conflicts; therefore, I intend to pursue a degree in this field.

We're a diplomatic family; therefore, I have always been exposed to internationalism. Due to my father's career in the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have been frequently relocating and lived in Ukraine, Egypt and Serbia, while I attended seven schools.

Due to this experience, I have discovered my passion for internationalism and motivation to pursue it. I learned English in international schools while speaking Lithuanian at home and studying Russian. Constant language alternations enabled me to think in different ways and discover my appreciation of diversity.

One of my most beneficial courses and a passion of mine is IB History. It analyzes events in-depth, i.e. the Cold War and independence movements, which are relevant to my country's history. Studying propaganda techniques, doublespeak and the value of words in IB Language and Literature enriched critical thinking, perception and analytical skills which are crucial in my field.

Academically, I take liability for my results and attempt to progress. These qualities provided me a Certificate of Recognition for being reflective and an Honor Roll and Merit Roll. I was elected by teachers as Student of the Month for being principled and a communicator, my senior class representative in the High School Student Council and was selected for a membership in the American National Society of High School Scholars.

These awards provided me a sense of fulfillment and stimulus to progress. I take academics earnestly but balance them with extracurricular activities; one of the most useful is Model United Nations - my closest step to diplomacy.

The Lithuanian International Model United Nations conferences permitted us to tackle events of global prominence, learn the formality of parliamentary procedures, do vast quantities of research, establish relations
with fellow delegates and expand debate and rhetoric skills. It taught me to think in new angles and defend a position I personally opposed, improving creativity and balanced thinking.

Physical activities are equally essential, because they contribute to shaping my identity. Badminton taught me that with fortitude I could exceed the boundaries of my capacity, which resulted in two bronze medals. I also discovered a passion of mine - volleyball, thus helped introduce our first high school girls' volleyball team and represent it in CEESA tournaments against other international schools, winning second place at home and third in Estonia.

This boosted my self-esteem, proved that dedication is crucial to prosper and offered relief from rigorous academics. Service is also a form of self-improvement. Being a school ambassador and helping new students
integrate, planning our school Hunger Games, Prom, bake sales and IB Convention provided me organisation and communication skills which inspire me to take part in university life.

I believe studying in the UK will broaden my viewpoint due to the globally acknowledged education quality, employment prospects, rich history and new experiences. After completing my undergraduate studies, I intend to pursue a Master's degree in my field.

With international experiences and determination, I hope to become an educated and open-minded individual, improve not only myself but contribute to expanding the world's limits; to be not national, but international.

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