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The recent events in Syria, the rise of "Islamic state" Daesh and the migrant crisis in Europe have confirmed how Politics and International Relations are inextricably linked. As a result of my parent's heritage, I developed a strong interest and curiosity in international developments at a young age. The ability to speak three languages fluently (English, Gujarati and Kutchi) has always encouraged me to take a wider interest in the world beyond my local community.

Studying Philosophy and Ethics has enabled me to consider ethical behaviour beyond good and evil. Learning about Bentham's "Greater Good" has given me a deeper appreciation of democratic principles in modern society. It has also allowed me to ethically evaluate the political responses to 9/11 and examine and analyse how nations have cooperated in the global war or terrorism. Learning about nation's interdependency only confirmed my desire to study your course.

Due to my hard work and enthusiasm, I was nominated as the Philosophy and Ethics representative. The role requires me to liaise between staff and students and discuss any issues with both diplomacy and maturity. This role encouraged me to focus on my interpersonal skills and as a result I can articulate my ideas and concerns clearly when addressing my peers and teachers. I believe these skills will be useful during your university course. Studying Sociology has given me an insight into how society functions, the role of the government and the importance of ideologies in determining mass movement protests.

Through Sociology I have discovered Machiavelli's book 'The Prince'. Whilst I did not entirely agree with his ideology on how to gain a kingdom and become a prince it was fascinating to see the way he portrayed individuals to be self-obsessed. From reading this book, it further enhanced my desire to study Politics and International Relations at university.

All of my A Level subjects require me to work both independently as well as part of a team, demonstrate the ability to write reasoned arguments and produce quality work under pressure. I believe these are all transferable skills which will serve me well on your demanding course.

As a result of my leadership skills I was selected to take part in our colleges "buddy system". I mentor vulnerable Year Seven students to ease their transition to secondary school. Outside of school I am a member of my mosque's youth committee, this role has requires me to organise and lead visits to theme parks, inter community events and inter-faith gatherings. These experiences alongside my charity work for orphans and refugees in politically unstable countries such as Syria have helped develop my leadership skills which I believe have made me a more rounded individual.

As a member of the mosque's youth group, I have been given the opportunity to hold, organise events and to help raise money for charity. One of our aims for an event was to raise money for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Aside from raising money for the people who had suffered from Nepal's earthquake, I have also highlighted current political issues such as the refugee crisis within my Sixth Form. As a result of my desire to change my peer group's understandings of current affairs and situations, I have been allocated the role of educating younger years within school. This has included undertaking and leading current affairs bulletins for the whole school.

My goal is to gain a more in depth and thorough understanding of Politics and International Relations. As a result of my hardworking nature coupled with my dedication for the subject, I believe I am ideally suited to your course. I look forward to not only the challenge but opportunity studying Politics and International Relations at your institution will undoubtedly provide me.

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This is my personal statement, it took me 11 attempts to get it completely perfect! Advice that I would give is always to get 1 or 2 individuals to help you see if you could rephrase any sentences better which would aid your statement flow better.


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