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Having parents and grandparents who come from Sierra Leone, a country where there has been continuous strains of political unrest and world intervention, has heightened my determination to understand why neighbouring countries are not able to cooperate. This has motivated me to study Politics and International Relations at university.

It has been an interest of mine to gain a deeper understanding as to how countries operate with respect to trade and peace treaties. Furthermore, how political theories are constructed and applied, yet arguably could ultimately deteriorate relations between nations when applied.

Politics plays an integral role within society as it essentially dictates everything around us from governmental issues to economic factors. The corruption within President Mamoh's government which led to the 1991 civil war in Sierra Leone, along with blood diamonds and the 50,000 lives which were lost is what has made me want to gain a deeper understanding as to how politics and worldly relations work in third world countries as well as first world countries.

Studying British politics in history, I have a clearer understanding of the short and long term effects of corruption within government and what this means for the country as well as other nations. For instance, the dishonesty in which King John's government was mired in is what prompted the Magna Charter and is the foundation of most of our rights and liberties.

History, Sociology, and English Language at A-level have caused me to cultivate transferable skills necessary for this course. History and Sociology are both subjects that have equipped me with an understandings of foreign policy and differing ideologies.

The transition of Russia from being an autocratic state to being the first Communist state under Karl Marx's manifesto and then into a democratic state in 1990 is an example, of how Sociology and History has provided me with the appropriate knowledge to translate sociological theories, into the real world. This allows me to identify continuing trends and patterns, which is essential as it enables me to highlight frequently emerging problems between societies and to delve into the causes of these problems. Close analysis of texts for example is a skill needed in both History and Sociology.

I have undertaken many different activities which involves skills applicable to my chosen course. Business Enterprise was one of the very first activities I took part in as a year 12 student. Being a secretary for a life-like business company has expanded my knowledge of how the business sphere operates.

In my leisure time, I have dedicated time to teaching myself Mandarin as I have had a long-life goal of touring Asia in hope that it will expose me to other cultures, food, and religions. Deciding to partake in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award was a challenge I was eager to accept, as it took me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to take part in more sport-based activities.

Politics and International Relations interests me as it does not concentrate on one particular area of society such as law, but instead combines every aspect of human interaction and it further influences the laws that govern us.

The conflict in Sierra Leone and learning about world histories, is what has inspired me to study Politics and International Relations and attending many seminars and conferences over the last few years has confirmed this decision as I have experienced what the world of politics entails on a small-scale.

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