Law and International Relations Personal Statement Example 1

Through my insight into the UN's work I have learned that having declarations about Human Rights does not mean they are obeyed and automatically enforced. Law is not static, but develops all the time. It is part of everyday life, as in Berlin everyone is confronted with the issue of asylum seekers. It would not be far-fetched to say this course is a way to improve society as a whole.

After having joined my school's MUN programme I have participated in every conference there is. It is rewarding to cope with pressure and enhance my time managing skills by meeting deadlines.

I enjoy researching specific topics and linking ideas to produce resolutions. Equally I appreciate lobbying and debating, tackling problems with others and finding compromises.

I value dynamic group work, as well as independent work before a conference. By having been an ambassador a few times I improved my rhetorical skills by giving speeches. Consequently I was able to become one of the chairpersons of my school’s conference. From that I have enhanced my organisational skills further and guided the delegates to a smooth and non-violent conference.

In the future I aim to work in the UN or NGOs such as Transparency International or the ILO, whose work I know from meeting with representatives.

From representing the US in the Security Council at Bermun2 2013 on the situation of the Middle East I was amazed how hard it can be to decide even small details like how many soldiers are sent to a region as it has a great influence on peoples’ life.

From then on I decided to pursue a career in international law and now want to go into higher education so that I can develop my knowledge and understanding further.

I am very fond of analysing and interpreting complex texts such as political speeches and writing comments: finding and ranking arguments in terms of relevance and importance, supporting statements with evidence.

Researching articles from the biweekly newspaper World & Press helped me to critically question how vital it is not to rely on a single source.

Four years in the English Drama Club at our school expanded my creativity and English skills. By getting major roles my self-confidence has developed and now I even enjoy speaking in front of people.

Through my voluntary work in the KSJ, a Catholic student association, as an elected leader for Berlin, I have learned to deal with responsibility, cooperation and decision-making. I am in a group that checks the charter and therefore already have some experience in the legal context.

Another aspect is working with children, mostly on political issues. I have organized a podium discussion with all the candidates from our constituency at the school and mock elections for students. All this helped me to develop my understanding of politics.

I know the UK from trips and a student exchange which helped to develop my intercultural understanding even further than my Polish and German background and the intercultural experiences with people from all over the world in MUN.

Rather than being afraid of life at university I am looking forward to acting more independently. I could imagine following my present interests, but also am excited to find new passions. I am sure I will develop my character, personal and academic skills further.

By continuing the balance between academics and spare time activities, taking with me my motivation and experience I am certain to be an enrichment wherever I go.

I am grateful to life in a mostly just environment and want to pay back society in making this possible for everyone.

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This personal statement was written by JL for application in 2014.

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The University of Edinburgh
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I send my application today, after editing it a lot of times and consulting with a lot of people. Wish me luck!


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