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The theory behind the relationships between high authoritive figures of global power posses a fresh and compelling interest in me. To be able to learn about the contemporary international system, will help me to establish a more structured and knowledgeable opinion on the world issues and interlinks, preparing me for a career on an international level.

Having attended the European conference, held in Paris, I not only took on board the relevance behind the E.U but the importance in unity within the countries in Europe to help maintain peace, and for the economy to truly thrive. The conference also informed me of the Erasmus scheme which is now available on offer which I plan to follow up and perhaps through.

I have taken a gap year in order for me to broaden my cultural experience. In September I did a month's work experience at the established Christies, where I was assigned to the 19th century European art department.

It was during this placement that I acknowledged the importance of a language in modern day society, with globalisation becoming more unified and to have an awareness of different countries relations towards each other, in order to seek the most profitable result in selling works of art.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in hilling and cataloguing, prior to a big house sale, which enabled me to take on new responsibilities in a short space of time, putting my skills of adaptability into use. I learnt a great deal during my placement, and look forward to revisiting Christies for future work experience, and perhaps and internship, and perhaps resulting in a career with their organization.

I am then working in Rome, for the rest of my gap year, as an aupair, and am currently organising an Italian with History of Art course alongside. I will be given the responsibility to teach the familie's 3 small children English.

I look forward to this, as it will give me the opportunity to gain a real sense of Italy, as I have the freedom to travel around the country, and will result in me learning the Italian language. It will also be extremely exciting to be able to see many more artefacts, which I studied for history of art, and give me time and space to properly absorb them.

In my duration at Westonbirt School, I was delegated with authorative positions throughout my attendance, and in my last year was made head of my house. Within this position of authority I was given an opportunity to use my leadership skills, with a sense of creativity with caographing competitions such as House music, and Gym. In order to do this alongside my studies, I had to be organised and focussed, and maintain enthusiasm to keep the house spirit.

I represented my school through being the questioner in the public speaking team, being in the debating team and in the youth parliament mock debate. These events were alive with energy for me, allowing one to think spontaneously and speak up with one's opinion. It was refreshing to have a new project to research, aside from my A levels, in order to gain a sufficient and supported argument.

Alongside my education I have many hobbies and interest, including that of drama, sport and art. I was the leading role in the upper school Musical, 'The Matchgirls,' where I was able to sympathize and place myself into the position of my part, who leads a strike. I have also completed my gold medal for LAMDA, in verse and pros, and competed in the Bath festival of music and drama.

Gold lamda medal forced me to research and grow a strong interest in one of the most influential poets of the 20th century, Pablo Neruda. Not only was Pablo a Chilean writer but he was a communist politician, which one can recognise through some of his later poetry. It was facinating drawing parralells with the poem I recited and his political opinions having read his biography.

It also heightened my sensitivity to speech, according to the mood of the piece, how to alter the tone of one's voice in order to gain different affects. I feel this will be extremely useful for future situations, when one is forced to take a more authorative role, or to be seen as more receptive, by the tone of one's voice.

I feel that with my drama, I have been able to develop sensitivity towards different scenarios, allowing me to read situations, and help recognize the mentality behind different people. I wish to use and develop this skill in my course.

Whilst at school I was awarded two cups, one for most promising actress, the other for best all rounder in six form.

In main school I was awarded a drama scholarship, and in six form I won the bursary, and I was awarded a minor Sports scholarship for six form. I represented my school in the 1st lacrosse, netball and tennis team. In lacrosse I was captain for the U15 county team, and in Netball I was captain of the 1stteam. At university I look forward to continuing my sport and drama, especially in the Edinburgh fringe festival, having visited it last summer. By the end of my duration at Westonbirt, I managed to gain a cooking qualification, in Leiths food and wine.

I was able to actively use my business knowledge, by being the human resource manager for our young enterprise team, and by performing a SWOT analysis on an outside company for Business Studies Coursework. This helped awaken the subject for me, enabling me to have real references to the theory I was learning.

Our company did sufficiently well, as we won many prizes, and went onto the next round. We set up a business based on the popular Sudoka, making magnetic travel boards.

I had the same opportunity with my history of art, as I travelled to both Florence and Paris in order to see relevant art to my syllabus in person. What was extremely exhilarating was putting together and writing my dissertation, 'why does the wooden sculpture of Mary Magdalene, by Donatello, have such an impact on me in this modern day society?' This provided me with the opportunity to really get my teeth into a piece of art, opening up space to research it in heavy depth.

Having gone to a small school, I feel ready to embrace a higher level of education, enabling me to widen my goals, knowledge, and in general my life experience.

I have seen, from personal experience the importance in life to not give up and maintain a positive focus on achieving, as in our modern economy it is very tight to live a comfortable lifestyle without working to get there. I am therefore strongly motivated to remain independent, and achieve my goals, in order to support myself in the future, alongside continuing hobbies which help maintain a healthy work ethos.

I hope that you consider me for your course, as it will be hugely beneficial to my path of direction I wish to pursue for my career, and I also feel that I have a lot to offer to activities outside my course to your university.

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This personal statement was written by bicks for application in 2007.

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please tell me what needs to be done, i know that my spelling and general grammer isn't fantastic. however, be nice!


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