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From an early age, I have found art fascinating. I believe art disputes claims of humans being just boring biological machines. Art allows me to transform images in my mind into something tangible. The ability to convert imagination into reality intrigues me. It is something I don't find in my other subjects though they are undoubtedly informative.

The hunger of expressing my creativity wasn't fed through science, yet I greatly enjoyed the aspect of problem solving. It wasn't until my first design assignment in IGCSE that I found myself integrating both creativity and problem solving. I loved it and knew that design was what I wanted to do.

This transformation in perspective came after a period where I lacked confidence in my work. That changed when I received the highest grade in my class for that first assignment. Ever since, I have learnt to believe in my capabilities. I consider confidence vital in the Design world. Without it, you would not allow yourself to take risks and experiment in new ways.

As my interest for design grew, I began to see the world differently. I began to question why things were designed in a certain way. The chair I sat on for years suddenly appeared as the work of a Designer. I began to notice the differences between things that were designed for the purpose of being useful, and things that would just be there to please the eye. Usefulness in my opinion is more important-especially in today's world.

I was naturally drawn to learn more about the world of design. I frequently read articles online relating to this topic as buying magazines only contributes to pollution. I feel educating myself outside of the classroom gives me an insight on industrial aspects of design such as sustainability, aesthetics, function and symbolic value.

When I am not studying, I occupy myself by experimenting with video and photo editing programs. Some can be very useful in Design. Not only can they facilitate but can also open new doors of practicality. I realized that during a logo design exam and took on the challenge of learning how to use an illustrating program. I believe that techniques can be learnt to improve your work, however, creativity cannot. You either have it or you don't.

I moved to England after living in the Middle East for sixteen years. The sudden shift in culture and environment impacted upon my grades during the first year of my A-levels. However I now feel I have adapted to the student way of life.
My work experience has taught me many things relating to social interaction. I often have to work with guests and discuss issues regarding their event. I believe that in the Design industry, it is essential to acquire good communication skills particularly when trying to present your ideas.

I also had the chance to work on and produce a set of logo designs for a local skating company. I found huge benefits as I learnt the important skill of time management. Although it was challenging, I was very enthusiastic towards this task and felt fulfillment in doing it.

Perhaps my most important job is to care for my recently disabled brother. He was on the verge of beginning his PhD at the age of twenty-one when he became victim of a discriminatory street attack. This incident was a turning point in my life. I learnt to appreciate life, and realized the value of wellbeing. This is something that can't be learnt in classrooms. I have been determined ever since to accomplish my ambitions.

My ultimate goal in life is to help people, especially those less able. My dream is to design things that ease their daily struggle. Some people can help world suffering such as doctors. If I were to take on such a career I would certainly help people, however I would have to repress my creativity and would lack interest in the profession. I feel that Industrial product design opens wide doors to the world I am passionate about. A world that allows me to fulfill my goal whilst having the utmost interest in achieving it.

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