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At university I hope to study graphics design, the reason for this is because from a young age I’ve always had a very high interest in advertising and graphics design everything that is around us has been designed and this has always fascinated me, I’ve wanted to be involved and a part of this.

In my spare time I normally educate myself looking at tutorials on either web design, video editing and graphics such as Photoshop and Indesign, my strongest software experience is Photoshop and Indesign and I spend my majority of my time designing abstract and random graphics. In effect this means that I’m very familiar with the adobe products interface and the majority of the panels, my video editing skills are very mild which means there’s room for improvement.

During my two years of sixth form I’ve built strong relationships between the teaching staff through my determination and willingness to help them whenever there in need of assistance, I have designed a number of posters for a range of different teachers advertising events that were occurring in the college, an example of this was a concert poster that I designed for the music department to help them raise money for a school trip to new York.

Another achievement was the designing of the school website, me and 2 other colleagues in my college was put in charge of designing the school website which I and the staff were highly impressed with the outcome, I gained 12 GCSE’s at grade C and Above including art and graphics design which shows that I have been interested in graphics design and art from a young age and that I’ve also had a clear mindset wanting to progress down the path way of graphics design and advertising, I also had a part time job for 3 years working in an youth empowerment centre which helped to improve my organisational skills an example of this is admin work such as reorganising the jobs display board. Built my overall confidence with dealing with members of the public, this is due to running educational workshops to younger members of the public.

At a young age I was inspired by my uncle who was a designer and he has worked for artists such as take that, Britney spears, Robbie Williams and many other major mainstream stars, whenever I was around him and his was busy doing work I would always ask questions and was so engaged in everything he told me.

Through the research I’ve taken out looking at graphics design courses has inspired me a great deal more that this is the career path that I was made to do, within graphics design there is illustration, 3D design and typography, I’m always playing around with text to make it look as artistic as possible when designing things so typography is something I’ve also really been passionate about.

I Have a natural eye for design as everywhere I go I seem to inspect and observe all design work and high quality illustrations such as restaurants that I go to I observe their menu’s and think to myself how could they improve their advertising, some would call this a habit or even a hobby.

The current subjects that I’m studying at college are Product design, Media Studies and ICT, I have an extremely high interest in all my subjects but I’m naturally skilled in media studies, because it was so easy to incorporate Graphics and design into my work it was a huge reinforcement with my practical coursework giving me a high A in the coursework, ICT is very similar, for A2 I’m creating a website for a legit client and they have requested it to be aesthetically pleasing meaning to my advantage I can again incorporate graphics into my studies.

Product Design again is the same situation, I’m remarketing a product currently on the market and re branding it to improve its marketing and advertising, this involves posters, the illustration on the bottle and a POS stand meaning yet a third time I will be incorporating graphics into my studies.

Hobbies that I have are basketball which I occasionally play in my spare time. Also In my spare time I enjoy working out and keeping fit, I’m very conscious about my health and it also gives me a chance to get away from my studies and for me its a type of relaxation, this also helps with my organisational skills as I know how to separate work from play.

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This personal statement was written by stevendawson for application in 2011.

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I feel that i have put a great deal of effort and time into this, such as planning and drawing out a spider diagram of ideas beforehand, but i cant help but be conscious, so I'm asking people of the Internet to help me where improvements are needed


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it an ok statement however,

it an ok statement however, you need to read through this yourself more than once to find that there are a lot of grammatical errors, especially in the first paragraph. i.e. it just one very big sentance, try splitting it down to 3 sentances. Another note is, dont include your GCSE grades because yor basically repeating information that the moderator will know from the ucas website.


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