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Growing up in a practical household of science and mathematics, I was always recognised as the creative personality- being the first in my family to choose the creative arts as my future path. It sparked as a simple interest, colouring books or presenting my imaginative world of fantasy onto paper. What made art so fascinating as a child was the unknown probability of reactions towards the concept.I would see perplexed minds attempting to solve hidden puzzles or the corner of lips rise in response to my drawings. My interests in art never diminished as I continued my school years focusing on theoretical subjects. In fact, it was inflamed when I was introduced to the newly proposed subject- Graphic Communication. And so my fascination for art has only continued to grow ever since.

I respect the methodology of Graphic Design, that is to research in depth to understand the problem. From my work I envision viewers to derive great understanding from sharing the sense of empathy which I hope to learn by partaking in your course. When taking on a new project, I am eager to not only present but learn the story behind such topics. Investigating the issue allows me to view multiple perspectives, providing the tools needed to create impactful voices within the final piece. Currently, I am training this skill in one of my works where I create an animation based on animal captivity. For this project, I study various viewpoints on the issue: the animals, those against and reasons as to why captivity occurs; allowing me to broaden my understanding and ensure that my resulting product projects all voices.

Being involved in the creative department from a young age, I take a particular interest in expanding my skill set. I am always delighted to encounter new techniques which I aspire to develop in university. As of last year, I was exposed to new methods such as monoprinting and gouache whilst developing current skills, namely Photoshop and watercolour. Though I am more confident in illustration, I am fascinated by various forms of art. A contemporary artist that has left an impression on me is Kensuke Koike, who uses craftsmanship to produce surreal illusions by manipulating images. His mind gallery and innovation in imagery fascinates me as there is always narrative in his work, open to interpretation of any kind. As a creative student, I am keen on using my abilities to help my community in school, contributing to annual charity events held within the campus.

I have produced advertising displays for events such as ThinkPink by designing props that encouraged students to raise awareness for breast cancer using a hashtag. This proved in exceptional results by promoting interactions between students and the event through the medium of social media. This led to future opportunities in school,creating posters for Movember and the annual house winter fair. Alongside this, I had the pleasure of working as teacher assistant in the art department and teaching refugees weekly through community service. Often working alongside a team for these activities has trained me to strengthen my skills in critical thinking and communication.

My mind is constantly stimulated with inspiration no matter where I travel. Living in the city of Bangkok, the international hub for trade flourishes as a field of endless opportunities for me to explore and create. In an area of rich diversity it is exciting to meet new people carrying their individual personality and cultures. These people influence me with their adventures that open my perspective on the world which I enjoy recording in my art and would wish to share in university. In my belief, art is not only visual entertainment but a form of communication and storytelling. The ability to transfer emotions and change one's perspective whilst learning from others is what makes art relevant in history; a forever ongoing movement I wish to contribute to.

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My A-level grades were not the best, but I had developed my portfolio and personal statement and received offers/ passed onto second rounds from University of the Arts London, Arts University Bournemouth, University of Brighton and Goldsmiths University of London.

I decided to pursue my bachelors degree in Arts University Bournemouth for Visual Communication4tgtgr


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