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As my entry point into design and the media, creating graphicand visual work has been my central skill for many years. However, recently I have discovered my analytical and problem-solving skills are also suited to my growing interest and involvement in UI/UX design, as well as app planning and creation. Crafting flexible, efficient and easy-to-use designs is extremely satisfying for me, and so I am keen to study design full-time to further develop my capabilities and understanding to prepare me for a career in professional design.

I have been working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in my own time for over six years, and creating my own websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for even longer. During this time I have designed and created several of my own websites, layouts, logos, and artwork, as well as working with content management systems, web hosting, social media and SEO. I have also studied IT full-time at college, and have a great understanding and interest in technology, digital marketing and the latest trends and innovations.

Most of my skills in graphic design, web design and web development were self-taught, and since originally leaving college in 2012 I have taught myself several new skills in my own time such as photography, drawing and PC building. To me, learning is always gratifying, even in areas beyond my main field of study – in fact, I have found studying outside interestsoften helps to improve my output and working methods in design, and vice versa. For example, being able to draw has improved my skills and capabilities in Flash animation, and being able to create good animations has improved my abilities at filmmaking, and all three of these skills have allowed me to expand my graphic design skillset in new ways. I also enjoy reading and writing, especially for big projects.

I know designers are constantly working with clients and in collaboration with others, so I am pleased to have spent several years in work and professional environments before deciding to study full-time. As well as learning that administration and financial work is not the career for me, I have also discovered the importance of good teamwork and social skills in business environments, particularly the ability to understand and anticipate other people's needs and wishes. I can only imagine the importance of this in a collaborative field such as professional design!

Outside of my studies I am constantly reading about design trends and technology, and cannot go a day without checking Behance or a design blog for new ideas or inspiration. Away from design, I enjoy alternative and indie music, fashion, and reading. I also work as a freelance writer online in my spare time.

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I successfully applied for graphic design at Northumbria. My statement was rated as the top application in my Access to HE Media class.


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