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I remember as a child watching shows like 'I Want My Own Room' and 'Grand Designs' and thinking how changing the room or a building can have such a significant effect on someone's life. Since then, I have wanted to channel my talent into the design of interiors. I am excited about the prospect of learning more about interior design. During my time at high school, I have thoroughly enjoyed building my design folio, researching a theme, taking shapes from that theme and incorporating it into my final outcome. I am eager to concentrate my energy towards building environments which will have a positive impact on people.
I was fortunate to have experienced the role of an interior designer when I did a short work experience at John Lewis assisting with their interior design service. I gained some insight into what the process involved, from the interaction with the customer, to the mood board they created, and then to the transformation of the space. I was also given a fantastic opportunity to work on my own project. I was given a brief and the specifications of the room. From this information I was left to finish a room fit for purpose, taking into account issues like where light would be coming from and the most appropriate places to put the furniture to maximise functionality. Overall, this experience was extremely beneficial. It gave me a glimpse of what it's like working to a brief, interacting with customers and some of the design skills needed to be in this line of work, reaffirming my desire to pursue this career.
During my years at high school, I have attained excellent grades in a wide range of subjects both at National 5 and Higher. This year I decided to study A-level Art and Design and have been encouraged to try new ideas, even if they didn't work, as this is part of the learning process. I also annotate everything I do in Art, which I believe has improved my ability to self-reflect by critiquing all of my work and learning from my mistakes. I challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone, trying new ideas to express myself. I have been told that I have strong presentation skills in Higher and Advanced Higher English as I have been able to use this ability to express my ideas and thoughts in writing. I feel that Modern Studies has been a fantastic subject and has helped me to engage with current world events. This has greatly improved my confidence and communication skills.
I am committed to playing the trumpet and have been learning to play for 8 years, currently working towards grade 5. I am involved with two wind bands, one at school and the other being a city-wide ensemble. This has helped me develop a sense of focus, improving my ability to work as a team instead of just playing trumpet by myself. I play at the Usher Hall at the annual Christmas concert, which has been an enriching experience being able to play in such a prestigious place. I am also a proficient sewer, learning from a young age and continuing it in a class that I attended for five years. This has given me an excellent understanding of different materials and would definitely use this in my work within the course.
I have travelled widely throughout Europe and recently with school visited Washington and New York. When I recently visited Denmark, I visited the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen and was intrigued by the differences in design throughout the eras and how the historical pieces have influenced the more contemporary items in the museum.
My interest in design is driven by my need to improve people's lives. I believe that the spaces that surround us can have a profound effect on our lives. People say that I am a very caring person and I want to channel this into my work, ensuring that people feel comfortable and happy within their environment. I am determined to help transform people's lives, and by studying this course I believe that it will provide me with the skills and motivation to achieve my goal of being an Interior designer.

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