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Illustration Animation Personal Statement

My imagination has always been an incredible driving force in my life, and has done and still does have influence on almost everything I do. It has always been the most natural and easiest way for me to express myself. Putting pencil, brush, or clay on a blank canvas and bringing something I or somebody has envisioned to life for others to enjoy and marvel at. When reading a book I immerse myself into the characters and environments, often sketching out a great scene with great emotion and gestures. I often get people approach me to design them a logo, tattoos or paint something for room decoration, offers I always jump at.

It wasn’t until recently however, that I have thought about pursuing art as a career; it’s been a dream my whole life, a dream that I never thought could really come true. For me, to be able to have a career in art is like winning the Lottery. But with support from people around me admiring my sketches, sculpting’s and random musings and a fresh and yet more mature perspective on life, I believe it’s about time I took a “leap of faith”. Looking forward, I am excited and have an incredible drive to see where the future may take me!

The most influential artists for me are Yoshitaka Amano, who mixes amazing traditional Japanese art with modern concept art. Steve McNiven who is one of the best pencillers for Marvel comics and captures emotion through the human form with beautiful detail. But the original piece that caught me in complete awe was Pieter Brueghel’s “The Tower of Babel” for its sheer scale and realism. Truly inspiring.

My career up until now has been in fitness and leisure, being a personal trainer for 5 years. This was a path taken purely on my GCSE results rather than passion. However, my creativity still managed to have an influence on this path as it does with all things in my life. I began to see the human body itself as an art form, like clay that can be moulded “trim a little off here, build this up a little more”. It wasn't until I realised this when I saw the power of the imagination, the ability to make an idea into something tangible, into a future, into a career.

My ambitions are to pursue a career where I can utilize my skills and my passion in design and illustration. But most of all I would love to become a concept artist, illustrator or comic artist.

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This personal statement was written by DanMarvel for application in 2014.

DanMarvel's Comments

I have been putting uni off for years now, just working and saving money and never truly finding meaning in life. But this is a year of change, and I will pursue my dreams as an artist, and prove dreams CAN come true!


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