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I have always enjoyed Art from an early age. My earliest memory of this is doodling on sheets of computer paper and cutting up old Christmas cards to make new images. I can remember spending most of my childhood just drawing and being inspired to make and design anything and everything! This love of Art has stayed with me and developed and grown and, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.

I have always wanted to work within the Art and Design industry because it has always felt like the right direction for me to take. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to go to an Art school and I now feel really lucky to have the opportunity to do so: I am feeling very excited about my future!

I enjoy being creative and I view Art as a natural way for me to express myself. I particularly enjoy drawing and how this allows me to create images in a way that I see them. I enjoy working in a figurative and detailed way and I aim to make my work expressive and visually interesting through tone and mark-making.

I feel, from my progression from G.C.S.E through A Levels to A.V.C.E, I am beginning to develop my own style and way of working. I particularly enjoy portraiture work and using animals as subject matter.

Whilst at Crosshall High School, I achieved seven G.C.S.Es, gaining a grade A in Art. I have since gone on to achieve three A levels and two A/s Levels at Runshaw college. I have completed an A Level in Fine Art, whilst there, and I enjoyed this extremely.

I found this course very challenging but rewarding as I had grown in my understanding of the discipline and I gained a grade B. I am currently completing an A.V.C.E Art and Design course. This two-year course has been very beneficial to me as I feel I have developed my skills within Art and have gained an understanding of the various disciplines within Art and Design.

This course has led me to my decision to specialise within Illustration. I enjoy creating images in response to a piece of writing or a particular theme. I like the creative freedom this allows and the vast potential for work.

My interests include reading and some of my favourite novels include To Kill A Mockingbird and Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. My favourite novel has to be Animal Farm because it is so well written and has great impact. I have recently carried out an illustration brief based on this novel and this was very exciting for me and, I feel, a turning point in my work.

I enjoy visiting Art Galleries and exhibitions. I am particularly interested in figurative portraiture and Illustration-based exhibitions. I have recently visited an exhibition about drawing styles at my local Art Gallery. I found this very interesting as there were varied styles and approaches to drawing( I especially liked Posy Simmons use of storyboards).

A few months ago I visited an exhibition for childrens illustrator Shirley Hughes at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. This had a great impact on me and was one of the factors that has led to me pursuing a career in Illustration. I love the way she combines her use of image against text and the way she uses media expressively.

At this stage, I am interested in childrens book illustration as there are so many quality, contemporary illustrations at the moment that I find inspiring. I see illustrations for childrens books as something worthwhile and or importance. They can capture a childs imagination and inspire and motivate them to learn to read.

I have worked for the past three years at a bakery as a part-time counter assistant. This involves such duties as dealing with customers, dealing with money and organising displays. I have really enjoyed this job as we are a fairly busy shop and so I meet a lot of different people and I find this very rewarding.

Prior to this, I have worked voluntarily at a local vets practise. I found this very interesting because I like animals and this was a chance for me to learn more about them. I have also been involved in an activity group for disabled children . This experience was invaluable to me as I met such interesting and amazing people.

The group activities included Art and Crafts and this taught me how Art can be therapeutic and< basically, just a worthwhile form of expression.

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I think this is an ok ps, not

I think this is an ok ps, not bad but i do have a few suggestions on how to improve, the structure could be more rigid, it doesn't seem to flow properly, and there is no mention of east asian ostrich migration, whats that all about??? sort out ur life!!

what are you lot reading

i found this very moving as an artist my self i found an insite in to your mind very helpfull its honist and trueful and i hope that were ever you end up i hope your happy

the work experiences are

the work experiences are largely not related to the subject for which the statement has been written. the writing style is long winding which may distract a busy selector's attention.

Can be improved

The statement is not THAT BAD, however it can be improved. For example by starting sentences with anything other than 'I', especially the first sentence which really needs to create much more of an impact, for a great statement. Also, including information, which can be found in other parts of the application is classic schoolboy error and should be avoided. Hence the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs need to go. The other parts are fine though, and by the way it's not your work experience does not need to be related to your course. You just need to be able demonstrate what you've got from it.

on visiting an art school

on visiting an art school open day, they specifically say in our personal state ments not to put or ever be tempted to write "from an early age i have always done art" etc as about 95% of the application forms they recieve now, start with that. and it has since become an absolute turn off.

to be honest, i think this

to be honest, i think this reads like a badly written story as opposed to an interesting personal statement

Thank You...

This is an invaluable lesson on how NOT to write your personal statement. Boring, unispiring and cliche ridden!


your an artist.....use ur creativity to good effect


Way too clichéd. I am writing one right now and it didnt help me much at all im afraid. Apart from not to use that opening line. I am not reading thousands of these a year and i still hated the way you started...

the beginning makes this ps

the beginning makes this ps sound like a five year olds essay on their life! DON'T DO THIS!

good, bad, and the ugly

I quiet enjoyed reading your personal statment. As a fellow artist, and high school student. I have before encorperated my artistic backround into my statments in the past. And its is a plus, being able to write a creative peice, using your artistic talents. But unfortuantly, if your planning to sending this to apply for college.

Your going to need to consider who its going to. Or who's going to be reading your statment. Sometimes being creative, is not always the best choice. I never said it was wrong to be different. Its always great to pull the reader in threw a intresting beginning. And keep it strong threw your paper. My advice to you, in this statment make sure your resoning for your appliance is clear and concice. Make sure your resons aren't jumbled in with your creativeness. Follow threw with repetition. And most importantly, make yourself look good. What do you have to offer? What are your talents? ext. Your on a good start, your future is bright.

the majority of people whom

the majority of people whom have commented on this statement obviously haven`t heard of constructive critisism. i believe this statement is good for a first attempt.

i think that this was a good

i think that this was a good start, better than what i have so far...its mainly just bullet points of the info i know i need =S

i think out of all the essays and assignments ive had to do this is the hardest piece of writing to get through without deleting paragraph after paragraph and sounding stupid or cheesy!

im going to attempt to carry on with mine so wish me luck n good luck to everyone else!

I think this personal

I think this personal statement is very inspiring, im having to write one for a a foundation course which involves illustration as my personal intrest too, and i didnt know what the hell to write about, but youve helped me to consider some mager points, thankyou!

fine art student

The personal statment may be too obvious about her likes and interests, but its that what the universities of art and design are looking for?

There is a lot of important information about the person. How they work, what inspires them, why the course is right for them, the books the person has used for previous work,also, about her outside activities, e.g her job.

Personaly i think you are being negative about this statment, i love how personal it is, its more or a biography, than a formal statment. Surely thats different?

too many I's

As an art student myself this was a pretty poor personal statement, you don't need to write about how you have worked in a bakery or at the vets as it is not relevant to the subject you are applying for. Also the guide within this website say's you shouldn't put 'I' everywhere and this is what exactly what this person has done. Who ever gave it three stars is a 'tit'!

oh my god... that last person

oh my god... that last person has serious issues- did they actually sit and write out the word all that many times, or was it copy and paste frenzy? Either way,they're massive hypocrytes and pretty stupid.
I actually quite like your statement and want to do practically the same course as you, so it will be pretty helpful. I share quite a bit of your arty likes and styles. THANKYOU and GOOD LUCK. Ignore the retards.:-)

The jobs are listed because

The jobs are listed because they show social interaction on the part of the student. If the course required the use of team work then that information would be necessary for the University to make a decision based on the statement. However, like the previous comments, it would be better to list these if they were more Art related. The opening statement is a tad overused though, it sounds like a speech from Pop Idol.


i'd love to see all of your 'perfect personal statements' seems as this one is supposedly so crap.

I like you`re statement on

I like you`re statement on art.It was very interesting and detailed.

I agree with some of the

I agree with some of the comments below. You should definitely check the grammar, for example "childs" should be "child's".

triple J(jess jenni jess)

calm down guys, this personal statement is not that bad at all and you have all blatently came on for advice as you are having trouble writing yours!
we say post yours and we will see how amazing you all are!
Peace out x

this statment is well written

this statment is well written but has some unrequired information. such as the books this person likes,unnecessary information.
plus it seems like this person is trying to hard. well written but should be more from th heart instead of winning the addmissions person over. tut tut!!



OOWWWWWW frodo, your hurting

OOWWWWWW frodo, your hurting me!!

When i told you to destroy the ring!!

take a chill pill!!!!!!

seriously the ps wernt that bad, it just went on a bit, like with the bakers job thing, most of the criticisms are based on ur opening line, change that n it shudnt b that bad xxxxxx

Hey, just to let you know

Hey, just to let you know that this personal statement really helped me, although i plan to do fashion management, art and design is the subject i enjoyed most at school, so therefore planned to write about that.

One suggestion, don't write about your grades, because the people who are reading your personal statement already have a copy of your grades.

Altogether i thought that it wasn't all that bad. Thank you for youe help.

Hey, just to let you know

Hey, just to let you know that this personal statement really helped me, although i plan to do fashion management, art and design is the subject i enjoyed most at school, so therefore planned to write about that.

One suggestion, don't write about your grades, because the people who are reading your personal statement already have a copy of your grades.

Altogether i thought that it wasn't all that bad. Thank you for your help.


Writing an original personal statement is impossible.


I have to say- I found the first paragraph about your childhood creativity quite touching, though thanks to some of the useful critique I now know this isn't a good starting point.
Thanks for posting this, it's been insightful and the comments have given me a bit of an idea of what is and isn't needed in a Personal Statement!


Put off by the first phrase- shows how little you actually know. Poor.

First of all I would like to

First of all I would like to say thanks for sharing. It may not be the most perfect personal statement ever, but I know I couldn't do any better (why else would I, or anyone else who's commented, be lurking on this site?) I think some people are being a little under appreciative here.

It's true that maybe not all the infomation you provided was completely relevant, and it's not the most inspirational piece I've ever read, but as an art student interested in illustration I can really see where you're coming from. I guess all the nostalgic crap at the beginning kinda touched me, 'cuz I was exactly the same when I was younger. I think you really got the most important message across in this - and that's just how passionate you are about art.




The problem with your personal statement is that it sounds really childish. Work on making it more precise and don't make so many general points but take around 5 key points that you want to put across and tell me more about them. - (Why you have chosen to put them in)

very good!

I thought this personal statement gave a true reflection of the person and made someone like me, who doesnt know the person, have a clear insight into her personality and why she wants to study art, the only thing i would have done differently is included more hobbies!

i completly agree with the

i completly agree with the previous comment, using the 'i've always wanted to do this' is such a cliche and i doubt that the people reading it will be excited by this...

I'm Glad

Well, I've read the statement as well as the many compliments and criticisms- mostly that. I don't think it's the best no, but I've now got confidence that my personal statement will be decent. :D

OMG!! i am very angry at the


then it sounds like you ^

then it sounds like you ^ need to rewrite your statement anyway

i went to runshaw college,

i went to runshaw college, haha.
i dont think the start of this personal statemnt gives off any personality, to me it just sounds a bit mechanical. i guess its what unis want to hear, but to me it doesn't feel very personal.


...sounding too crude, this litterally is the worst personal statement i have encountered. Repetitions of 'I's' and boring non inspiering narrative of a mundane life! I mean lets be honest, does he/she really really enjoy working for a baker? and reading To Kill A Mokingbird? (which may i remind everyone was probebly only thrown in there as its a standard book to read for GCSE so they might know alot about it if the book gets brought up in the interveiw) these manarisms can only be related to that of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, id rather eat my own foot then believe this is a 5 star rated piece of nonsense

looking at this personal

looking at this personal statement i feel greatfull that i happend to stumble across it
it had provided me with the bare essentials for my own personal statement and i am proud to say it helpd me to write what was described as outstanding.
thanks you so much for the help!!

I thought the statement

I thought the statement showed the passion for the subject but slightly struggled to find discussion points and to present them in an original or imaginative way. I think the childhood reminiscing should have been kept to a strict minimum, unless you wanted to lead on to a more relevant and more imaginative point.

I don't mean to bring this

I don't mean to bring this personal statement down, but its been rated 4 stars and yet it completely defies some of the rules provided by this site on what not to write in a personal statement.

One for example: 'Do not repeat what has already been written in your UCAS form'

This person, as good as it's written, has said on more than one occasion what they got in GCSE and so on.

did you get in????

i was wondering if you got in to your course :) by the way i think it was quite good ,better than me anyway.....


i was just wondering why alot of the comments are quite mean? I think its nice that you posted your personal statement to help out others with there's, if they are having trouble. id also like to add WOOOW some of you art students arnt very nice people judging from your rude and sometimes offensive comments, and id like to see if half of you could do better.

the feedback in the comments

the feedback in the comments section has been more helpful here than anything else.

Cheek of some folk!

I love the fact that someone said:

"Check your grammar, it should be vetinary practice, not practise. i.e the noun not the verb".

Perhaps you should check your own spelling. Instead of 'vetinary', maybe you should write 'veterinary' i.e. the correct spelling and not the made-up one!


I do find this personal statement useful. However I can't help but notice that this person has spent a large portion of their statement writing about what results they have recieved in exams. This is, unfortunately, redundant information as this is what the other sections of a UCAS form are for. Mentioning them in context is advisable, for example in reference to what one has learned whilst doing the course, rather than just reeling them off as a list of achievements. On a lighter note, this person has showed great enthusiasm for what they wish to do. Possibly not in the most mature or original way, but it is an example to follow all the same. I hope this comment is useful to others in my position, unlike half of the drivel written above.

Ooh la la

Many of the people who have commented, expressing how they feel towards this PS intend to go to University, yet cannot spell. Good luck with that!


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