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I dream about photography... Memories of gazing through a finger marked window pane, camera at
my side, the train rocking, objects passing, disparate perspectives through the lens. I think
about the diverse ways in which photographs are interpreted. For me photography is a spiritual
act, an inner conviction and a desire to abstract essence beyond the material world. I'm
interested in something which is built up from within, rather than just a superficial image.
In stirring up excitement in me that connects with the innocence of childhood, spent just
drawing, designing and creating, simply for the love of it. My first camera, a Polaroid led to
hours hunting bugs, flowers and dolls. This progressed to composing subjects through angle and
lighting, learning from experience, constantly expressing myself visually. I am continuously
inspired by the smallest and simplest of objects, I love playing around with light to create
different images and moods. I like how a photograph, unlike the other visual arts, is
eternally bound to reality in a more profound way. I am fascinated with the concept of the
real, and how people perceive objects and reality. This has been intensified through my
A-level subject choices. Photographs are ubiquitous, indeed they are so woven into the fabric
of everyday life that many people scarcely give them a second thought. I am aware that it is
increasingly difficult to define 'reality' in photography, now that we are living in a digital
Despite my passion for photography I initially saw it best to pursue a science-based course,
seeing photography simply as a hobby. Being the eldest in a family of four I was influenced
that way. However after much reflection on what I want out of life, I changed my direction to
studying a subject that really matters to me. When I came back into education to study my
A-levels I began working with a wide selection of people from different backgrounds, I found
this move highly liberating and was able to adjust quickly both socially and educationally. My
choices of A-level subjects were selected so that they would give me a broad overview of life,
communication and culture. I feel this has broadened my understanding of photography further.
Studying Photography at A-level has enabled me to develop an independent and self-motivated
practice. I have enjoyed discovering the many genres of photography, specifically landscape,
still life and documentary photography. I find the work of photographers old and new highly
inspirational. I am interested in the works of photographers ranging Simon Norfolk, Hyung Jeun
Park and Sze Tsung Leong. I am drawn to these photographers as my most recent A-level project
has involved looking at the effect of man on nature, our imprint, and how the world has
adapted to fit our need for technology.
Through my Media Studies A-level I have been able to expand my analytical skills. I enjoyed
learning about the sales and marketing side of the media industry in relation to photography.
Pursuing Philosophy and Ethics at A-level has made me question my assumptions about how people
think and act, it has left me able to think clearly, reason logically and argue with clarity
and conviction. I have learnt many new theories and concepts that have further improved my
understanding of cultures and history. I hope during a degree course in photography I will be
able to bring some of these concepts into my work.
I have been on work experience assisting a photographer and stylist, sourcing for shoots. This
experience allowed me to witness firsthand what skills are required for becoming successful
within the context of fashion and advertising. My interests include watching and analysing
films, drawing, dancing. Living independently has taught me how to adapt to new situations,
live on a budget and has prepared me for student life. I look forward to the challenges of
further study in photography, enabling me to pursue my future career ambitions in the

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This personal statement was written by clojo88 for application in 2009.

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This is my personal statement that I have submitted for entry onto an undergradute degree in photography 2009. I recieved offers from Nottingham Trent, Bournemouth Arts Institute, University of the Arts London, Winchester School of Art. I have accepted University of the Arts London (LCC)



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thank you, i was struggling

thank you, i was struggling on how to compose my statement and yours has helped me so much.good luck, hope you get accepted.



You have described in your statement what I've been feeling myself! Thank you so much for sharing your statement - it gave me inspiration for how to write my own.

Good luck with your studies!


Thanks for the nice comments. Im glad that it helped you with writing your personal statement, and I hope that you got into the university that you had you wanted!

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