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I am anxious to become a creator. I wish to help people to live in appropriate and attractive homes. My intention is to learn to provide beauty and cosiness to their lives. And I believe I can achieve that through hard work, great effort and devoting a sufficient amount of time. That is why I have chosen interior design. My acquaintance with art began when I was seven years old. Then my mother took me to Art School. During the 8 years of studies, I dealt with different forms of art and eventually I discovered interior design. I graduated Art School with the highest marks (10) for my diploma work and the examination of the history of art, so there was no doubt in my further choice. Then I decided to do some weekend courses for junior architects at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. I got directly acquainted with the design and erection of building and its decoration. The greatest experience related to my chosen career was work in my father's company as an assistant of an interior designer. Only then I realized the very particularity of this kind of work. While working there I learnt to be responsible and could completely fulfil my potential. I obtained quite a different experience during my work in a country cafe. There I improved my ability to work in a team as well as to work hard and efficiently. I take part in various competitions and I usually win there. My most valuable achievement is the third place in Lithuania for a work of ceramics. I also received my money prize for that, which was established by the mayor of our town. Other competition was the one where I as a winner was chosen to attend Arts camp. Our painting skills were improved there by the teachers of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The rivalry underwent at this camp forced me to try even harder and to develop my individuality. Theatre is one more field of art that I am keen on. This helps me to foster my communication skills, wittiness and courage. I can also reveal myself like a costume and set designer. One of the most important events in my life that has changed my point of view to many things is the foundation of a non-governmental organization "Kedainiai club". When I organized a hitchhiking competition I familiarized with the peculiarities of this way of travelling as well as with the geography of Lithuania. For this competition I had to show all my shrewdness and plan everything with great precision. When I gave painting lessons to the youth, I understood the particularity of the work with people, i.e. what it is like to be a teacher. My biggest achievement is that I learnt to be patient and more tolerant. As I am involved in the activities of youth policy, I came across with lots of political issues. I obtained a lot of experience in the preparation of local and international projects, writing of various regulations, taking the minutes. Accordingly, I could be more involved into the matters of youth policy. At the present moment I am a member of school democratic association, a member of a regional Students' Board and a member of a discussion club "Civitas". For this activity in 2009 I was awarded as the most public-spirited student in the town. I am also keen on travelling. The greatest benefit I have received from my journeys is the improvement of my English skills. I had an opportunity to participate in 2 international projects and it helps me to appreciate the things I have and the things that I can get. I dream to do some volunteer work somewhere in Africa or Asia, because I want to help people who are in need. Thus, my desire to see and experience things, curiosity and interest in our surrounding world encouraged me to decide firmly on my studies. My choice is the United Kingdom, because to my mind it is a cosmopolitan country, which can provide a sufficient amount of knowledge for a degree in interior design. On the contrary, I am quite ready to devote myself to studies, because I know what I want from life and I think I am worth it.

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This personal statement was written by Kolete for application in 2011.

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The University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
University of Dundee

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Umm not sure about this one!

Umm not sure about this one!

you talk too much about extra

you talk too much about extra curricular activities and things you've won. whiole this is important to include, you over did it abit and didnt really say why you were right for the course in particular. you could have been applying for any arts course!

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