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Design is something that is a part of our everyday life. In our homes, in our towns and even in our wardrobes every aspect has come from a design. I believe that you have to be creative, self motivated and hard working when it comes to studying the different areas of art and design.

I am applying to your course as I think it has everything I am looking for and I will work very hard to get the best from it.

From a young age I have always been interested in creative subjects. I find it very exciting to see my ideas come together in a finished design.

One of my first design projects was a cross stitch project I undertook as part of my home economic junior certificate exam. I found this very interesting as it was something I had never done before. This challenge, I believe, has added to my passion in art and design and has given me a more broadened view on the subject.

Currently I am studying art and the history of art in school. This is my favourite subject and I enjoy it immensely as I find I work very well when actively and creatively doing something. The practical side of art has instilled in me a sense of self discipline and motivation. Each project I have undertaken involves a certain amount of research and design for different themes, which is both challenging and exciting.

Also on Monday nights I have been taking extra art classes to help me gain more confidence in drawing and sketching, a medium I find great enjoyment and relaxation in. At the end of November, I am also starting a part time dress design course in the Grafton Academy, Dublin, where I will study pattern cutting, constructing and design. In a time where our society is known as a “Throw away culture”, I am really looking forward to this course as having the ability to design and create something you can wear is very appealing to me.

Drama is also another aspect of my life that has brought my creative side alive. I have been a part of many productions of well known musicals such as West Side story and Grease and have taken classes in drama, singing and musical theatre. As many of the productions were of a small scale, we also designed our own costumes with what available resources we had which I feel shows my innovation towards creating garments.

During my transition year in school, myself and my friends decided to organise a fashion show in aid of breast cancer research. My task for this project was to negotiate with local clothes shops for the use of their clothes and to style the models for the fashion show. I really enjoyed working as part of a team and also I gained more confidence in my communication skills. Working to different deadlines was also challenging but I found it very motivating.

Another creative area in my life has been music. Since I was seven, I have been playing the piano and have just completed my 5th grade exam. I also study music in school. My music shows my confidence, dedication and hard work and I wish to continue playing for pleasure in the future.

Again during my transition year, I began working for one of the main Boots chemists in Dublin city during the Christmas period. Working in such a hectic environment, I had to learn quickly and apply my people skills to different situations to help customers get the best out of their shopping experience. I found this experience extremely beneficial as it was an environment I had never worked in before and I feel I applied myself whole heartedly and achieved a lot out of it.

I ultimately would like to undertake a career in an area of design. I feel the skills and opportunities your course presents is something that would help me achieve this.

The prospect of studying in the UK is one that excites me greatly. From researching through the internet and your prospectus, I find the creative environment your university has to offer, both in the curriculum of the course and the surrounding locality is also something that adds to my desire to study in your university.

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