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The decision to study Art and Design as a university course is one which I have spent a lot of time thinking about. After conference with friends and tutors I have decided that this is the right decision for me as although I am performing better academically in another subject, it is in art and design that my real passion lies.

I believe that artists view the world differently. Rather than see a rusty nail, artists see silver, browns, oranges; golds. Swirling shapes and flat surfaces. It is my dream to study the world in this way, the visual attributes and aesthetic properties of objects, and examine how they could be expressed through different colours, shapes, lines and tones.

I enjoy art courses extensively, the progression of a project and reflecting on it. I enjoy experimenting with light, colour, subject & mediums; mixing & matching the different aspects for individual results.

I feel that I already possess the basic skills necessary to enter this course through my study of art and design at GCSE and A-Level. A lot of my interest in art and design also lies in other's interpretation of it.

For this reason I am excited about the prospect of working through a course with others. To see how their interpretations and aspirations differ from my own; and to gain insight and inspiration from comparing works.

During my spare time over the last few years I have experimented with all aspects of art and design. From abstract painting to detailed pencil portraits, comics, sculpture and fashion design. I also briefly studied photography at AS level although unfortunately I had to drop this subject as the amount of work was interfering with my art course.

In a university course I hope to refine my interest in art and design. Focusing on one or two aspects of the subject which I would then expand and develop on. I believe that a university course is the perfect place to work on this process. I am also excited about the prospect of learning new techniques. I am aware that the techniques touched upon during GCSE and A-Level were limited and look forward to exploring much more.

My main interests & hobbies lie in the Arts, Film and photography. I enjoy taking photographs and have had photos used by both Amnesty International and local newspapers. I visit the cinema at least once a week with friends; I especially like films of a documentary nature that give an insight into life of another culture. I find cinematography a particularily interesting aspect, how a freeze frame of a moment can be transformed into a single beautiful image.

I also like to visit art galleries, particularly a local independent gallery called Catalyst Arts. I plan on submitting work to their next member's show in the near future. I like deciphering the message behind other people's work and looking for where they drew their inspiration from when I visit galleries.

I usually go with friends as discussing each other's interpretation of the works afterwards is always very interesting. At the weekend I enjoy going to see bands, both signed & unsigned, and hearing music of many different genres. Any other spare time I have I spend on art & design work, and often submit art to things like charity auctions and competitions.

At the minute I am studying a 2 year A Level course at Belfast Metropolitan College. The shift from a grammar school to a college was initially difficult however I am glad that I have entered the college as I feel I am better prepared for a university course because of it. By studying at BMC I have learnt to mature academically and personally, to be self disciplined and to study for myself and by myself.

I feel that I would easily adjust to a university course after studying here as both university and college courses rely on independent study and motivation which I feel I have exhibited since starting at BMC.

I took up the one year Art History A Level as I was bitterly disappointed in my results from AS Level Art. On reflection I think I was unaware of how much of a jump there was from GCSE to A Level that there was a different structure and aim to the projects.

This year I feel I am better adjusted & should perform well in the Art A Level, however I have taken up Art History as a security measure as a source of inspiration for my projects. I feel I am progressing well in the subject & am enjoying the classes thoroughly, despite it being very condensed.

I also feel I have been prepared for this course in some ways by my work experience. In my first job, in an opticians, I often had to work on the aesthetics of the store, thinking carefully about what colours would best compliment each other and represent the aura of the store.

I also worked on letterhead, logo and website design for the owners of this company. At the minute I am working as a contact centre advisor for Vodafone mobile (previously sky broadcasting). However I do not find this job fulfilling or beneficial to me in any way and am currently looking for a job in the arts.

I also worked as a volunteer for Springfield Charitable Association, a local charity. This job especially taught me to work as part of a team as we relied on each other & depended on a team spirit to move projects along.

Working for many years has also taught me management of time and money, which I think will be especially important whilst living independently and studying at university. I feel I have developed interpersonal skills and organizational skills through all this which will also benefit me and keep me focused in university.

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This personal statement was written by acidstarz for application in 2000.

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1st draft :/


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This Personal Statement is amazing!!! I'm screwed!!!!!!!!

good statement

I think this is a good personal statement. I like the formality but the sturture could have been done better.

very good! =]

very good! =]


I did get in.
Start on September 1st.



from bastete

That's wonderful. I like it. I wish to have much intresting experience like you

WOW!Congratulations!It is

WOW!Congratulations!It is amazing and also very professional! That's exactly how an artist sees/should see the world!

I thought this statement was

I thought this statement was very good.


where were you applying for?

Thank you

I want to say thanks for sharing this.

I'm currently trying to help you younger sister write her Personal Ucas Statment.

It's been nearly 7 years since I wrote mine and I was applying for Law so it was vastly different.

Your PS is a great example for her and I hope you enjoy your course :)

brilliant statement. NOT

brilliant statement. NOT boring. good discriptions and avoided many many cliches that are very easy to slip into.



they obvoiusly don't knoe wat art is

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok i

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok i guess

Excellently written - grat

Excellently written - grat inspiration for anyone studying Art-related subjects. Definitely shows that you don't need to include a bunch of cliches to write a decent personal statement.

Also I think I know you from Livejournal / friends with another friend of mine, judging from your Belfast location & username? :)

I LOVE the part about artists

I LOVE the part about artists viewing the world differently - really inspiring. But for me, the first four lines show uncertainty and put me off of the rest of the statement.

Don't focus on the negative -

Don't focus on the negative - i.e you stated that you dropped out of photography AS due to workload. Rather state what you learned etc. otherwise they may see you as not being able to work under pressure


I Really Liked It What Uni di You apply For :)??

Good overall

but the beginning was wrong, do you want to bore people with your first paragraph so that they give up straight away? you want to start how you mean to go on

you waffle, are

you waffle, are unprofessional and to be honest you are just gushing. If you wanted to make it in the art and design world you will have to learn how to portray your obvious passion in a mature way.

This is an amazing ps as an

This is an amazing ps as an artist myself I found it very moving and I can relate to your words :)

My gosh, this is brilliant.

My gosh, this is brilliant. However it's best to leave out the negatives.

I have just finished my first

I have just finished my first draft of my personal statement for a history of art degree, your statement is so good! Such a massive help, I had no idea and what I should include and what not, hope you got the course!


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Woaaahh! Fantastic Personal

Woaaahh! Fantastic Personal Statement, I'm definitely screwed!! :'(

i am currently writing my

i am currently writing my personal statement for uni to do art, so thank you for showing me that it doesn't have to be just a list of achievements to brag about. i am so glad that i read this because its more personal than what we have been given to work from ( its called a PERSONAL statement right? ) so thanks for showing me how to put a bit of myself into it xxx well done !

good one!

Amazing personal statement! though i was kinda having similar thought but your grammar n placements r soo good :)

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